Marc Prescott isn’t the least bit excited that his mother has chosen to remarry. That is until he meets his hot new stepbrothers, Brodie and Slater Ellis.

Brodie is a bodybuilder type with a big heart and even bigger biceps. Slater is a strong and silent professional surfer. Both men are hungry for sensual pleasures, and they’ve found something similar in the handsome new stepbrother. Once the men get together, there’s no holding back the floodgates of raw, unrelenting passion.

What will happen when the brothers learn their new stepbrother is sleeping with both of them? Marc might have to learn a hard lesson from both men. One he won’t soon forget… and neither will you!

John Valjean presents a powerful story of passion and lust that teeters on the very edges or right and wrong!

Originally published on May 28th, 2019.

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