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Chapter 1: Uncle Nick Likes to Watch

Nick Hill placed his trembling hand over his wife Bethany’s, helping her push a knife down the top layer of a five-tiered cake as a large assembly of friends and family watched on. This was done to reveal, at the couple’s first anniversary party, that they were expecting a boy in six months. The man looked up, meeting eyes with Paul Reese, one of his oldest friends and drinking buddies. Paul appeared as though he didn’t recognize his friend. Nick understood. These days, he didn’t feel as though he recognized himself. The party he found himself at the center of was ostentatious beyond anything that took place at his wedding (and that affair included the releasing of doves once the vows were read). For Nick, a blue-collar guy from a modest upbringing, these types of rituals were never going to feel natural.

A gaggle of women surrounded Bethany to congratulate her as two caterers swooped in to begin cutting and serving cake slices and small flutes of champagne with blue bows tied around the stems. Nick stepped back and walked over to Paul, eager to express his discomfort with the surroundings. However, channeling many of Bethany’s friends, Paul let out a high-pitched screech and covered his mouth with both of his hands as he began to jump up in down in celebration of the Hills’ expanding family.

“You can fuck off with that right now,” Nick grumbled.

“But Nick, you’re gonna be a daddy!” Paul teased, now in a baby voice.

“I need a beer,” Nick said, walking into the house.

The not-terribly-soon-to-be father walked into his house and grabbed a beer from the bottom of the fridge. This was a craft beer from his private stash; the kind that he wasn’t willing to offer people whose names he had given up any hope of remembering a long time ago. He guzzled the bottle down in under a minute and then grabbed another.

“Whoa there, Nicky,” John Thompson said. “You’ve got the whole night ahead of you to get sloshed. Everything okay?”

“I’m no good at these things, Johnny,” Nick admitted. “You know that.”

John and Nick were longtime friends from high school who both found employment in concrete and masonry after graduation. John used it as a way of paying his way through college, but Nick saw laying brick and stone as a potential career. Over the years, Nick was able to start his own business and eventually establish a comfortable lifestyle for himself.

While success didn’t evade Nick, a steady relationship did. John, on the other hand, settled down and started a small family right out of college. Unfortunately, getting married young wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Before John and his wife could celebrate their second anniversary, she had left him alone with their son, Michael. Nick was there to support his best friend, but watching what John went through was enough to make Nick gun-shy for years. John’s next marriage, which was infinitely more successful, didn’t do anything to make Nick less relationship-phobic. He was more interested in staying sexually gratified with an endless number of women and a smattering of men.

Allie Thompson, John’s second wife, insisted for years that her younger sister, Bethany, would be perfect for Nick, but the man didn’t bite. Not until long after Allie had thrown up her arms in defeat and Nick and Bethany were laughing their drunken asses off on the Las Vegas strip. Nick was so resistant to Allie’s pressure that he never gave Bethany a chance. When he did on his own terms, he liked what the sexually adventurous kid sister had to offer.

“Is the whole kid thing sinking in?” John asked.

“Nah, I’m cool with that,” Nick said. “Excited, actually. I’m just not used to making a whole show of it. I’d have been fine just telling a few people on the phone and letting the news travel from there.”

“Well, you know how Allie and Bethany are,” John replied.

“I know,” Nick said. “I know. You want a beer?”

John held up the full beer he had in his hand.

“I mean a good one,” Nick laughed.

“Sure,” John answered.

The two men sat in Nick’s living room and talked, bringing Nick’s anxiety down with every passing moment. The bricklayer long desired to be with John, and came close a few times, but nothing ever transpired. It had been several years since Nick felt this way, but sitting together with the man and getting inebriated was bringing those old feelings of arousal rushing back.

“What’s wrong?” John asked. “Nicky?”

“We never… um, nothing,” Nick replied.

“Are you sure?” John asked.

“Hey, Uncle Nick,” Michael said, entering with his stepbrother Ethan, Allie’s son. “Can we hang out in one of your rooms?”

“Sure,” Nick replied.

“Try to keep everything straightened up, boys,” John said. He looked around and added, “You know how Aunt Bethany can be.”

“Don’t worry, Dad,” Michael said. “We’ll put everything back the way we found it.”

Michael and Ethan left the living room and walked down the hall to the guest bedroom to hang out. Michael was John’s son from his first marriage. The man’s wife walked out on him and his son on John’s first birthday, leaving John to raise Michael on his own. Not much longer afterward, the single father met Allie Sanders while at the pediatrician. She lost her husband to a drunk driver, leaving her to raise Ethan on her own. The two became fast friends, and then faster lovers. By the time the boys were four, the couple had married and have been happy ever since.

“They’re not gonna smoke out, are they?” Nick asked.

“Um, I don’t think so,” John said. “I think they’re clean. I hope. Did you really have to put that in my head?”

“My bad,” Nick replied. “I thought they hated each other.”

“Oh Christ,” John said. “There were times I thought they were going to murder each other. I think that’s just how boys can be growing up with all those crazy hormones. Something changed after they turned eighteen, though. Something… well, they’ve just gotten along a lot better.”

Interesting, Nick thought. He looked over to the long hallway where the two teenagers disappeared, and an odd feeling came over him. It was also evident that John had his blinders tied snugly in place. Nick’s cock began to grow hard as his mind started piecing together what the two randy stepbrothers might be doing together.

“That’s good,” Nick said, turning back to his friend. “They dating?”

“Not right now,” John confirmed. “With the end of school coming, their studies have taken a toll on their social lives, I guess.”

“Makes sense,” Nick replied.

Yeah, Nick thought. Those boys are fucking.

“There you are!” Allie said, walking into the room. “Honey, are the boys around?”

“They’re hanging out in the guest room,” Nick confirmed.

“Thanks, Nicky,” she replied. “Honey, come on. People are dancing… pleeeease.”

“Duty calls,” John said, getting off the couch as his wife began jumping up and clapping. “See you outside, Nicky.”

“I might have another beer before I join you,” Nick said as the couple exited the room. But perhaps a detour first.

The man walked down the hallway to the room where his nephews were holed up together. He brought his ear to the door and listened for the unmistakable sounds of two young men making themselves feel much better. And that is precisely what he heard. Nick turned the doorknob as slowly as he could, trying not to disturb the action taking place on the other side. The door opened a crack, just enough to peer inside at the two stepbrothers in heat.

“Suck it, bro,” Michael said, forcing his dick down his stepbrother’s throat. “Yeah… God, that feels so fucking good.”

Nick was taken aback by what he saw. He had known these two for most of their lives. Now they were attractive young men, craving the kind of satisfaction that most red-blooded lads hungered for. Nick’s cock ached to watch them together, disregarding how wrong it was for them to seek affection from each other.

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