Buck Masterson’s secret is out.

His wife of twenty-five years, Barbara, has just uncovered the sad truth about her husband: he’s been leading a double life for the last several years, having affairs with too many men to count. Even still, Barbara only learned the half of it. Her husband’s carousing was nothing short of prolific. Even if she wanted to forgive Buck for his indiscretions, she wasn’t about to look past the things she read in Buck’s overstuffed journal. Disturbing sexual fantasies, twisted sensual stories, and perverse erotica featuring her husband and their three adult sons.

Left numb and cold, Barbara did the only thing within her power. She gave Buck an ultimatum before walking out on him: either he leaves their sons alone or she reveals his secrets to the world. Feeling left with no options and completely ashamed of what he’s done, Buck complies.

The Masterson Men picks up six months later, as Buck fills his life with one indiscriminate hookup after the next. Sexually, the libidinous father of three has never been more satisfied, but he longs to spend time with his three handsome boys, Rod, Chase, and Austin. What follows is a series of hot sexual encounters as Buck and his boys find themselves all heading down the same filthy path! There’s wall-to-wall sex in each of the book’s four tantalizing taboo chapters!

Published on June 1, 2018.

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