Free Sample

Chapter 1

Bryan Carter always wanted more. After eight years of teaching High School English courses in an affluent section of town, he had achieved an esteemed status among his fellow educators. His wife Leslie, a teacher at a neighboring campus, was pregnant with their first child. Late last year, the man finished his first book, “The 7 Secrets of Effective Instruction,” and two publishers had recently expressed interest in the budding author’s introductory text. On his lunch break, when the thirty-two-year-old man typically walked a few times around campus, he stopped at the convenience store on a lark and purchased two lottery scratchers. He won thirty dollars, which he planned to spend on most of a full tank of gas. Bryan wasn’t a king or millionaire, but things were going reasonably well for him. Yet the man wanted more.

For this reason, Bryan was looking down at his lap to find Tanner Hayes, an eighteen-year-old linebacker on the high school football team, the Tigers, sucking down the instructor’s ten-inch cock. The young man was good at it too. After three previous sessions of coaching by Bryan, the linebacker had shown significant improvement since his first toothsome attempt.

“There you go, boy,” Bryan said, brushing the teenager’s chestnut bangs out of his face. “You’ve gotten so good at this in a short time. Some of my students take weeks. You haven’t been practicing at home on that hot brother of yours, have you?”

Over the last four years, when the instructor began fucking some of his most handsome students, he typically picked anywhere between five and ten who were sure would never call him out on his malevolent philandering. It always involved campus jocks with whom he was able to dangle their burgeoning sports careers. Football players were his favorite, but Bryan expanded to basketball, soccer, swimming, wrestling, and so on. He just wanted to spoil athletic young men.

In the case of Tanner Hayes, the linebacker turned in a well researched mid-term essay on the consequences of income inequality. It was one of the top five papers Bryan received that semester, but the instructor’s comments didn’t reflect this.

“I got a D?” Tanner exclaimed during an after school meeting with his instructor. “I worked my ass off on that paper.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes,” Bryan said. “I can’t do you any special favors.”

“But this’ll bring down my GPA,” Tanner sighed. “Coach Flanagan won’t let me play in this week’s game. Isn’t there any way to turn the grade around? I could revise the paper by Monday?”

“No can do,” Bryan advised. “I’ll tell you what, though. If you can help me, I think we can figure something that will keep your GPA where it’s at.”

“Help you?” Tanner asked, looking confused.

And that was how it began with Tanner. The student, like so many before him, wasn’t willing to give up the opportunity to be a hero on the field, or the court, or the mat, or the pool. Bryan was an expert at identifying the students who were willing to play his game to keep their status as a sports hero, and he always took advantage.

The sadistic instructor got off on knowing that he could do as much as he wanted with these students, and they would never tell a soul. Not anyone with any authority, at least. Bryan enjoyed the power he had over them, and he always kept an eye open for the next student on his list. The instructor would often attend sporting events looking for that one student who was so passionate about his sport that he would do anything to continue participating in it.

“Suck my cock, Tanner,” Bryan demanded. “Get it all, boy. Fuck… does your girlfriend know what a great cocksucker you are?”

The linebacker didn’t seem opposed to what he was doing, letting his tongue work the instructor’s cock from top to bottom. Bryan didn’t have to order Tanner to work his nutsack. The teenager went right for them and buried his face against the fleshy mounds.

“Fuck… you’re one of the best, kid,” Bryan admitted. “Seriously, one of the best. Mmmm… work those nuts.”

Bryan was originally planning to wait a few more visits before taking things any further, but he couldn’t resist his teenage partner. Ryan was the most popular student on campus, with his boy-next-door good looks and friendly disposition. This was precisely the type of young man the instructor preferred to defile.

“Stand up for me, stud,” Bryan said.

The handsome teen did as he was asked, showing off his smooth, wide frame, taut with muscles. He looked like he could knock a door down with one punch, the instructor thought. Bryan reached forward and let his hand run across Tanner’s oval pecs, his defined six-pack, and down to his trimmed pubic area.

“You’re just as excited as me,” Bryan observed, grabbing Tanner’s ten-inch cock. He reached inside of the top drawer of his desk, pulled out a bottle of lube, and squeezed a generous amount onto his hand. “I think you’re more than ready,” Bryan said, massaging the liquid onto his hardened cock.

“I… I can’t do that, Mr. Carter,” Tanner said.

“Of course you can, boy,” Bryan advised. “Come on. The janitor is going to be in here soon, and I don’t want to get caught with my cock inside one of the stars of the football team.”

“But—“Tanner began.

“Do you want to be benched during this week’s game?” Bryan scowled. “I didn’t think so. Now sit on my cock so I can have that cherry before anybody else gets a crack at it!”

The linebacker sat down on the English instructor’s lap, moving slowly to adjust to the sensation of having a cock inside of him. Tanner begged for Bryan to stop a couple of times, but the man advised his student that the discomfort would subside. Bryan breathed in slowly, trying to contain his excitement when the teen made it all the way down.

“Wooof… that feels so fucking good, Tanner,” Bryan gasped. “That ass… it’s fucking perfect.”

“I don’t think… ungh…” Tanner whimpered.

“Sure you can, Mr. Hayes,” Bryan said. “I’ve seen the coach put you through worse out on the field with your teammates. Okay, maybe not worse.”

It started slowly between the two, but things gradually picked up within a few minutes. The teenager’s muscular bottom was taking all of the instructor’s cock, swallowing it whole every few seconds. Bryan couldn’t help but reach for his coat on the back of his chair to retrieve his phone and capture a video of the student riding his dick.

“God, it’s so fucking beautiful, Tanner,” Bryan said. “Tell me about your girlfriend. Melody, right?”

“What?” Tanner asked.

“Melody Burnham,” Bryan said, fucking the teenager faster. “Tell me how you met her.”

“We… ungh… were set up… ahhh… by my brother’s girl… girlfriend… ungh…” Tanner explained.

“Tell me about your first date,” Bryan asked. “In detail.”

When the instructor was feeling particularly cruel, he would ask his victim to talk about the girl the student was dating. It gave Bryan a devious thrill to ask intimate details of the student’s wholesome relationship while fucking his target. Tanner went on to discuss his courtship with Melody, what they had planned for prom, and what they were going to do after graduation. All the while, Bryan made a video of his cock thrashing the virgin’s tender hole.

“Fuck… fuck… Tanner… she sounds so nice… ahhhh… so romantic!!!”

Bryan’s cum flowed inside the teenager as his body shook erratically below Tanner’s hulking frame. The instructor slapped the linebacker on the back a few times, letting him know that he was free to get off Bryan’s lap. Tanner slowly pulled himself free of his teacher’s cock, and then stepped away.

“Turn around, Mr. Hayes,” Bryan said.

Tanner did as he was asked, and the English teacher dove straight for the young man’s cock, which was still swollen. Jacking it from the bottom and sucking the rest, Bryan could tell that it wasn’t going to be a long wait before the teenager was shooting his young seed.

“Come on, kid,” Bryan said, slurping around the long cock. “Give it to me… fucking feed me!”

“Oh… oh… Mr. Carter!” Tanner squealed, his entire body falling forward as his cum rushed down the instructor’s welcoming throat.

“Mmmmm… good job, Mr. Hayes,” Bryan said, smiling with a mouthful of cum. “I think you just brought your grade up. Way up.”

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