Free Sample

Chapter 1

Pete Chambers lay in bed, thinking nasty thoughts about his stepfather Corbin. Ever since the nineteen-year-old became sexually active, he’s kept his sights exclusively on a specific type of man: older and married. As sinister as it was, the idea of taking part in the spoiling of another man’s marital vows appealed a great deal to Pete, who most people would generally describe as handsome, though many have gone as far as “jaw-dropping.”

The young man had the slender build of a swimmer with fair hair and piercing green eyes. He spent his childhood and teenage years living adjacent to the beaches of Southern California with his mother, Clea, who moved her and her son from city to city as a result of an unstable professional life. While Pete’s friends ogled all the young women bursting out of their tight bikinis, young Pete couldn’t help but be fascinated by the muscled, masculine bodies coming out of the water with their longboards in tow.

Though it had been almost a decade, Pete could still picture this particular silver fox showering the sand off of his taut frame after coming in from the surf. It was the first man to whom Pete found himself sexually attracted. The man’s lean, soaked body rippled with muscles, and his long dick showed through the front of his clinging shorts. Even today, when Pete needed to get off in bed, the shower, or an empty restroom stall at work, he pictured the handsome older man. This always brought him to completion.

Clea met Corbin Daire, a man almost ten years her


when Pete was fourteen and quite okay with the living situation he and his mother had found for themselves. Pete resented that Corbin immediately tried to fill the spot emptied a long time ago by his deadbeat dad. Still, Corbin was handsome for a man in his early forties. He had a sturdy physique, which he regularly showed off in fitted t-shirts, tank tops, and high shorts. Pete liked this quite a bit.

Pete came out of his bedroom and walked into the kitchen where Corbin and Clea were having breakfast. He greeted them as he passed the kitchen table where they sat, letting his fingers brush along Corbin’s broad shoulders. Pete poured himself a cup of black coffee and, as soon as his stepfather looked up, grabbed his crotch and gave the man a wink.

“Are you okay, honey?” Clea asked Corbin. “You’re flush.”

“I’m fine,” Corbin said, looking perturbed. “I’d better get ready for work.”

While Pete had his breakfast and coffee, he tugged at his cock the entire time, thinking about his stepfather in the shower, letting the warm water race down his sexy, hairy body. He pulled his dick from the slit in the front of his boxers to give it a few more jerks. All the teenager could think about was finally getting into his stepfather’s pants, and he had it in his mind to do so by whatever means necessary.

Corbin came back into the kitchen to pull his lunch out of the refrigerator while Clea was getting ready for work. Pete scooted back in his chair to reveal his hardened cock to his stepfather.

“You should come home for lunch, Daddy,” Pete said.

“Wha—Pete!” Corbin said, practically jumping back. “What’s wrong with you? The subtle flirting has been one thing, but you’re crossing the line now, son!”

“Come on, Corbin,” Pete said. “It would be so much fun. I’d let you do whatever you wanted with me. As hard as you wanted.” Pete licked the fingers on his free hand and then played with his cockhead as he stroked it in front of his stepfather. “What do you say, Daddy? Do you want to fill your boy with cum?”

“I… I… can’t… your mother…” Corbin squeaked.

Clea entered from the other side of the kitchen, and Pete quickly turned his chair in and stuffed his boner back into his shorts. He gave his mother a full, friendly smile, and she provided the same in return. As far as Pete could tell, Clea hadn’t picked up on his attraction to his stepfather.

“What’s up?” Clea asked.

“I was just telling Corbin that we should have lunch together,” Pete said.

“That would be nice,” Clea replied. “I remember the days when I never thought you two would get along.”

“I was such a bad kid,” Pete acknowledged. “I deserved regular spankings.”

Corbin put his lunch on the counter and looked like he would have preferred to be anywhere else at that moment. Clea gave her husband a kiss on the cheek and raced out the door for work, leaving her son and husband alone in the kitchen together.

“Finally alone,” Pete said.

“I’ll bet you think you’re cute, don’t you?” Corbin said.

“I’ve been called worse,” Pete replied.

“Well, you’re a little shit,” Corbin said. “And guess what, pal? It’s not gonna happen… whatever it is you’re expecting. When your Mom gets home tonight, I’m going to suggest that you find a new place to live.”

“What?” Pete cried out. “Corbin, I was just… being playful. Please don’t—“

“I’ve made up my mind,” Corbin said. “I’m tired of your advances. Do you want her to know about that too? That you’ve been coming onto me non-stop for the last year?”

Pete was stunned. He didn’t expect his stepfather to react that way. The teenager had gotten accustomed to getting his way with men since he became sexually active and genuinely thought that his stepfather would be open to messing around. There was always something about Corbin’s demeanor that told Pete his stepfather wasn’t opposed to his ongoing flirtations.

After Corbin was gone, Pete started planning out where he could stay if his mother agreed that he should move out. Barry, Lynn, or Andrew would definitely let the teenager crash on their couches if it came to that. He was going to have to get a new job, he


if he needed to find a place of his own.

“Fucking great,” he said out loud. “God, I wasn’t…”

He was about to say serious, but that wasn’t true. Pete was attracted to his stepfather and spent a great deal of time imagining the older man entering his bedroom at night to have filthy relations finally. Even as the young man worried about his potential homelessness, he was sporting a boner just thinking about Corbin finally fucking him.


When Pete turned eighteen, he exploited his body with excessive casual sex. Classmates, guys from the gym, men he found online, and behind the clubs he wasn’t old enough to get into. Pete’s hormones were aflame, and he enjoyed fanning his ever-expanding bonfire.

The teenager eventually wanted a new challenge. He had his

mind set

on getting fucked by as many older married fathers as he could and started plotting out how he was going to go about it. Where did one go to find sexually frustrated fathers, Pete wondered?

Several months ago, that very query brought Pete to P.J. McInerney’s, a family chain restaurant that seemed like the kind of establishment that would be filled with desperate dads. While drinking a beer that should not have been served to him, Pete scoped the room, observing one of the saddest assemblies of middle-aged men and their large families.

Nope. Nope. Mmmmmm…


. There wasn’t anybody that caught the teenager’s eye until a handsome man in his mid-forties came charging by as he tried to grab his toddler daughter. The man had dark features and was bursting out of his polo shirt and tight khaki pants. There was definitely a fine body under that straight dad uniform, Pete thought.

Pete walked away from the bar and casually followed the man around the corner to see where he was seated. There was a table of four more kids, aged around five to fifteen, and a pregnant wife. In the middle of the table, which was filled with baskets of burgers and fries, was a large white cake with a tilted decoration that read “20 Blissful Years.”

“Well, you were looking for sad,” Pete said under his breath.

The teenager returned to the bar and ordered a second beer. He figured he was being served because this was the last place someone underage would come to hang out. The beer was just what Pete needed for what he was about to do next.

The father celebrating his anniversary walked by slowly toward the restroom. Pete figured the man was taking his time because that meant a longer break away from his wife and kids. Pete downed his beer and followed the muscle-bound man in a hurry.

Standing at the urinal closest to the sink, the man stood emptying his bladder. Pete pretended that he came in to wash his hands and then stood in front of the sink to do so.

“Happy Anniversary, man,” Pete beamed.

“Thanks,” the man replied.

“I’m Pete,” the teenager offered.

“Mark,” the man returned.

As soon as the man’s piss started to slow down, Pete finished and dried his hands. Mark zipped his pants, fastened his belt, and then turned toward the sink. Pete rejected any instinct to turn away, then reached for the man’s cock and cupped it.

“What the—“ Mark said and stepped back.

“I thought you deserved an anniversary gift,” Pete said.

“Um… look, I’m not into that, kid,” the man said.

“You’re not into blowjobs?” Pete asked. “We could go into that stall over there and finish before your wife or kids even suspected.”

Mark looked toward the stall at the end of the restroom and then turned back to Pete and said, “That’s crazy. No, thanks.”

The man walked past Pete and exited the restroom in a huff. Pete looked in the mirror and was glad that he made an attempt to seduce a handsome daddy. He figured he would drive to a local club and get off with someone his own age, which wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Suddenly, the door swung back open, and Mark walked through, grabbing Pete by the arm and taking him to the largest stall in the restroom.

“You want to suck my cock, boy?” the man asked, locking the stall and unfastening his belt.

“Fuck yeah,” Pete said, falling to his knees in front of the man.

“Then get started,” Mark ordered, pulling ten-inches of thick meat from his pants.

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