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Chapter 1: Working Late

I wasn’t on my A-Game tonight. My impending reunion with my long-estranged father later in the evening was making me a nervous wreck. I should have known to not set up an appointment before the big meeting, but I was trying to bring in more money than I did last month. It was a stupid little competition I had with myself. Since I started escorting two years ago, there were only three occasions where I didn’t increase the money I brought in from the previous month. I didn’t want to make it a fourth.

So I hadn’t seen my father, Chad Hardwick, since he left my mother alone with two kids. I was five, and my little brother, Dylan, was one. To raise us, Mom struggled like no person should have to. We spent a couple of years with my grandparents because Mom couldn’t make ends meet during the recession. She was in and out of relationships from the time Dad left, but I don’t think anybody stuck around for more than six months because she was a single mother without much income and with too many responsibilities.

I wish my brother and I understood the predicament Mom was in while we were growing up, but we just didn’t. All we cared about was where the next meal was coming from and staking claim to the television. However, Mom was a master of internalizing whatever shit she was going through. It wasn’t until my late teens that I saw how difficult her life actually was. By this time, she had a steady occupation as a physical therapist and was making ends meet. We were comfortable on our best months and barely making ends meet otherwise.

About six months after I turned eighteen, I fell into escorting when a friend told me he was doing it to make ends meet while in college. I needed the money too, and it turned out that I was pretty good at it. I learned pretty quickly that it was more than just fucking men. An escort has to have strong interpersonal skills because every client is going to be a little bit different, and it’s essential to be able to read them. I think that’s how I’ve been able to maintain a living at this.

Plus, I love to fuck.

Roger, the man I was with tonight, didn’t quite get what he paid for, though. Not by my standards, at least. He was lying on the bed, waiting for me to return from taking a piss. I splashed some water on my face and told myself to focus. Focus. Focus. Focus.

I walked back into the room, where the handsome older man was waiting for me to finish out the remainder of his two-hour appointment. He was hot. I liked working with men in their forties because they usually knew what they needed, and there wasn’t much for me to have to figure out. It was mainly about having a good time. And, if I’m being honest, I had a thing for daddies.

Roger was dark-haired with a beard and one of the fittest clients I’ve ever been with. It was killing me that I was so out of sorts that I couldn’t appreciate the sexy, ripped man lying on the bed of his hotel room. I started toward him when Roger called me out.

“Everything okay, Skyler?” he asked. Skyler was my escorting alias, but my real name is Lane.

“Totally, stud,” I answered, moving onto the bed and grabbing him by his ten-inch cock. “I’m ready to sit on this fat piece of meat again.”

He kissed me and then rolled over so that he was on top. “Mmmmm… you know how to push my buttons, kid.”

“You like that, Daddy?” I asked. He was enjoying the daddy/son stuff, so I kept it up.

“Daddy, loves it, baby boy,” Roger answered. “Do you want to suck on Daddy’s dick again?”

“Mmmmm… my mouth’s already watering again, Daddy!” I answered.

I tried putting my upcoming reconciliation with my father out of my head to give all of my effort to provide Roger with a great blowjob. I decided to throw in some extra time since our first hour was not everything it ought to have been. He wasn’t complaining, though. Especially not after I came out of the restroom.

Roger’s cock was soaked with my saliva. I was beginning to feel like I needed this as much as he did; my dick was swelling at the thought of a second ride on his magnificent shaft. I moved to his balls, letting my tongue flutter against them. Roger let out a little laugh but pressed his hand on the back of my head to let me know he wanted me to continue.

“Shit… Daddy loves how you play with his nutsack,” Roger said. “Yeah, boy… go back on Daddy’s cock.”

This was good. I got the feeling ‘ol Roger might be a repeat customer. My lips wrapped around his dick again, and I took my sweet time making my way to the base. He was squirming beneath me and then quickly moved up and grabbed me by the torso, pulling my crotch toward him.

We sucked each other off simultaneously, working our cocks with skill and proficiency. Roger was unquestionably above average in bed, which was making me feel worse about our first hour. He jammed two fingers into my hole, which was still dripping with his semen. He took his mouth off my cock to clean his fingers off, and then went right back to blowing me. The entire time he grunted like an animal, hungry for sex, cock, and cum.

“Fuck, kid… give me that asshole,” Roger growled.

The man stopped sucking me again and dove into my asshole, taking long, measured laps against it until there was no cum to be found on the outside. Then his tongue drilled inside my bottom, scouring me for any more of Roger’s DNA. The guy was a cum slut for sure. And since he was stroking my cock as he did this, it wouldn’t be long before he received another serving of my warm stuff.

“Oh… Daddy… I’m going to cum… fuuuuuuck!!!” I moaned.

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