Handsome teenager Gage Houston has a problem: he’s oversexed and attracted to two deliriously gorgeous older men. That doesn’t sound complicated, right? Well, the men just happen to be his father and stepfather. After Brock Houston (Gage’s old man) is released from prison, a series of unexpected events bring the three men together in an erotic tale that bursts into a flurry of hot encounters!

Gage’s stepfather Tanner is eager to take the young man under his wing, Brock is eager to make up for lost time, and Gage is eager to prove to both men that he’s a man! The eighteen-year-old certainly has plenty of experience under his belt! Among other things!

The final act will have you writhing in delight, as Gage becomes the guest of honor at a sleazy gathering of studs he won’t soon forget!

Published on March 5, 2019.

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