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Flashback Review: Fucked By Our Dads

Look, Chi Chi LaRue has been doing great incest scenes since the Nineties, but in 2011 and 2012, the director was firing on all cylinders by giving us Bad Boys Get Spanked, Daddy it Hurts, and Fucked By Our Dads. The incest scenes were long and verbal, with actors believably playing fathers and sons who loved to fuck.

In Fucked By Our Dads, Adam Russo and Mitch Vaughn portray the fathers and Mike DeMarko and Doug Acre are their handsome sons. They all work in a warehouse with Rex Roddick, the fifth wheel who helps bring the action together. Russo tells the boys to go work in one aisle and the two young horse-dicked young men start going down on each other. With the boys out of sight, Roddick comes onto the daddies by getting on his knees and sucking them off. While Russo is getting his cock sucked, he exchanges a sexy glance with his son (DeMarko at his most boyish) between some boxes; though neither can see that the other is getting blown. As the wonderfully verbal Russo and Vaughn let Roddick go from dick to dick, DeMarko and Acre are doing the same a few feet away. We are then treated to some expert rimming by DeMarko, Russo, and Vaughn. I can’t decide who was the luckier of the recipients, Acre or Roddick?

At this point, you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking: where the fuck is this warehouse and are they taking applications?!?

Gang, things are about to get dialed up to eleven. Russo and DeMarko trade another sensual glance and the sons are invited to watch as the dads DP Roddick. “Fuck him, Dad!” DeMarko says a few times while he and Acre stroke their fat cocks. Then Acre stuffs his dick in Roddick’s mouth while dad watches from below and says, “Come on, son, give him that dick.” The best LaRue incest scenes include twisted dialogue like this to ensure the fantasy remains intact.

Soon Vaughn is reaching up and stroking his son while still fucking Roddick. A short time later, Vaughn says, “Gimme that cock, son,” and Acre complies by squatting down and letting his cock fall into his father’s mouth. “Oh, fuckin’ hot,” Russo chortles as the scene moves into some hot incestuous action. Overcome with desire, Russo says, “C’mere, son,” and takes DeMarko’s cock in his mouth. Both dads are fucking Roddick still while blowing their hung young men.

“Suck me, dad! Yeah! Yeah! More!” cries DeMarko with both his hands on Russo’s head as the son rams his cock down his father’s throat. Mmmm… this is music to an incest lover’s ears. The two go into a vulgar back and forth with each other before the fathers shove their cocks in their boy’s asses.

From here we get plenty of “Fuck me Daddy” dialogue from DeMarko and Acre as the Russo and Vaughn plow their sons. Russo adds, “You’re mother wasn’t this tight” while fucking DeMarko while the son goes down on Roddick’s sizeable tool.

Like most videos featuring Russo, the actor is hand down the star of the scene. He throws himself fully into the action in all of his videos, which makes him perfect for an incest-related video like this. As soon as DeMarko begs his father to fuck him, intensity fills Russo’s eyes. The man says, “You want your daddy’s dick up there? In that tight little hole of yours?” Russo never dials in a performance and seems to relish being as raunchy as possible on screen. This is an attribute that is too rare in porn.

Vaughn, with his linebacker frame, is also hot to watch as he plows into Acre. And Acre look as though he’s really being punished by his horny old man. The dads switch off with the sons, letting DeMarko and Acre alternate between licking the fathers’ assholes and sucking the men off. The dads shoot their loads (Vaughn makes a hell of a sticky mess) and then the sons cum over their fathers’ faces.

The scene is fulfilling for, but when it was done I knew I would have loved to see individual scenes with the fathers and their sons or even a fourway. And with the size of meat hanging between DeMarko and Acre’s legs, having the sons fuck their daddies would have been a hell of a thing! Nonetheless, find yourself a copy of this great video and try not to cum before it ends!

Grade A

Movie: Fucked By Our Dads

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Release Date: 2012

Studio Name: Catalina Video

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