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Flashback Review: Step Dad F*cks Daughter – S3:E7

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a classic incest-themed porn scene from the Nineties or the turn of the century. I’ve decided to change things up a bit by selecting a more recent video I’ve been obsessed with for months. Oh, it also happens to be a straight video.

Though I’ve always identified as gay (okay, there were a few months where I tried to soften the blow with loved ones by telling them I was bisexual), I can get excited by straight incest-themed porn if it is done well. While I haven’t discussed the Kirdy Stevens Taboo films, those brilliant old movies from the Eighties have long been a part of my regular rotation. Don’t be surprised if I’m discussing those classics at a later date.

Today I’d like to bring your attention to a video from the website, featuring Alex Legend and Haley Reed as a father and daughter. The video title is Step Dad Fucks Daughter – S2: E7, and it is mind drippingly hot as hell (not since Snakes On A Plane has a title given away most of the movie). And, guys, it doesn’t hurt that French stud Alex Legend is one of the hottest men in porn today.

The video opens with Reed checking on Legend, who is lying in bed and not feeling well. The father kicks off his blanket and reveals a considerable boner pushing against his boxer briefs. This appears to be the impetus for their attraction to one another. Reed later watches her father in the shower, where he cleans off off his deliciously fat cock. Then, Legend checks out his daughter while she is bending over to look for a snack in the refrigerator.

Things get steamy between the two while Legend is reading the paper on the couch, and Reed starts playing with his cock. Mom is at the market, and Legend is worried that she’ll return soon. After putting up a few weak objections, the daughter begins stroking her father while playing with herself.

“Do you like it when your little angel strokes your cock, Daddy?” Reed asks with her big innocent eyes. She’s looking directly into the camera as we see things from Legend’s vantage point. This technique is employed sporadically throughout the video. I’ve never been a huge fan of porn that remains from the perspective of one person throughout the movie, but the effect here is extremely effective. The two have a quick back and forth that reinforces that we’re watching a father and daughter being naughty, and the dialogue keeps the scene sweltering. Reed’s sweet demeanor as she performs unspeakable acts with her father could be a turn off for some viewers. Still, I found her borderline ageplay integral to making the video work.

To the surprise of no one but the characters, Mom comes home, and the father and daughter stop what they are doing. Reed insists on continuing, but Legend protests some more. Second later, Reed pulls up her skirt and impales herself on Legend’s cock while we see the mother fixing dinner in the background. Now, the tattooed Legend doesn’t normally look like a fatherly type, but the costumers have given him glasses, slacks, and a dress shirt to wear while he fucks his daughter. In an effective bit of choreography, Legend covers Reed’s mouth to prevent Mom from hearing her daughter being fucked only a few feet away.

Mom walks in on them, and they stop fucking quickly. Reed pulls down her skirt to hide the fact that her cunt is stuffed with daddy cock. “Aren’t you a little old to be sitting on your father’s lap?” Mom asks, looking suspiciously at the two.

“No,” Reed answers. “He was sick, and I just want him to feel better. You know how much I love my daddy.”

“She’s my little angel,” Legend adds.

This is some pretty twisted stuff. I love it. While the title of the video refers to Legend as a stepdad, they never play it that way. Reed isn’t forced to read an awkward line like, “It’s okay, you’re my stepdad. We’re not related by blood.” As soon as Mom goes back to the kitchen to finish dinner, Legend lays Reed across the couch and fucks her while she says things like, “Yeah, fuck your little girl!” They finish on the sofa, Reed races to her bedroom, Legend goes back to his paper, and Mom is none the wiser!

This would have been hot enough as a conclusion, but the video continues with Reed getting half undressed in her parents’ bed and playing with herself. Legend walks in from the shower sporting a boner and then decides to join his daughter.

“What are you doing?” Legend asks.

“I’m playing with myself,” Reed says.

“Oh yeah? Need some help?” Legend replies.

“Please come help me, Daddy,” Reed says.

Clever dialogue? Not especially. Instrumental in making the scene hot? Yep. Legend removes his daughter’s panties and gets right to fucking her while Mom is busy with the laundry. The hot father and daughter fuck in several positions on top of the blankets until Mom comes in with the laundry. Since she has her head turned when she enters the room, she completely misses that her husband and daughter have gotten under the bed comforter.

The video ends with Legend squirting his thick load into his daughter’s mouth while Mom folds clothes on the bed. Reed can fit a fair amount of Legend’s fat shaft into her mouth, so Brava! In the end, Reed has cum running down the side of her face and asks, “Am I still your little angel, Daddy?”

“Of course you are,” he answers.

From beginning to end, the movie is hot as hell because Legend and Reed remain in character throughout. And not only do they offer up plenty of “Daddy” and “Little Angel” dialogue, but their words are so deliciously sleazy in this video (especially on Reed’s part). For my money, whether gay or straight, this is how incest-themed erotica should be executed: introduce the characters, offer a few scenes or a montage to establish their attraction, and then get to the hot sex with plenty of raunchy, in-character dialogue!

Click the title below for a link to the video.

Grade: A

Movie: Step Dad Fucks Daughter – S3:E7

Release Date: December 8, 2017

Site Name: Bratty Sis

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