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Quickrotica: Socially Distant, Intimately Close

“Come on, baby,” I said, pulling my wife close. “Let’s mess around.”

“Again?” she replied.

“It’s been four days,” I said. “Please, baby. I’ve been climbing the fucking walls with this quarantine bullshit. Aren’t you horny?”

“Not particularly,” she answered.

“It’s all that fucking news you watch from morning to night that has you so frigid,” I said, regretting my words as soon as they escaped my lips. Even in the dark of the bedroom, I could feel her icy glare. “Um, I didn’t mean—”

I carried a blanket and pillow downstairs to sleep on the couch, where I’d banished for the remainder of the night. If there was anything my wife hated, it was any reference to her perpetual frosty demeanor. I was hopeful that she would indeed conclude she had treated me coolly and eventually come down to tell me she made an enormous mistake. Then we could get the bed rockin’ and rollin’.

Eh, not likely.

“Hey, Dad,” said my son, Wade, laying across the couch while watching television. “You couldn’t sleep either?”

“Huh?” I said. “Oh… uh, yeah.”

At eighteen, Wade was the oldest of my three boys. He had just started college in the Fall on a wrestling scholarship. Now he was confined to our home with the rest of the family as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. He spent most of his time on the phone with his girlfriend Erin, talking about how he couldn’t wait until the lockdown was over. Desperate for sex, just like his old man.

Wade jumped off the couch and into my recliner, so I walked over and plopped myself down in the warm spot he left for me. My boy went right back to watching his movie. It was one of the Fast and the Furious films from what I could tell. I found myself more fascinated with the nearly-naked young man in my chair, though. Wearing only a pair of briefs, Wade’s smooth muscle-bound physique was giving his father something of a hard-on.

“I must be nuts,” I said under my breath.

“Hmmm?” Wade asked.

“Nothing,” I replied.

In high school and college, I was sexually fluid (we called it experimental back then). All I cared about was getting off, and it didn’t matter with whom. After my wife and I married, I may have fantasized about certain men, but I never acted on any of my impulses. However, seeing my handsome son sitting a few feet away from me was drawing all of the blood in my body straight to my cock. Shit, I knew he was just as horny me. He had to be.

“How’s Erin?” I asked.

“Doing better with this whole thing than me,” Wade said.

“Same with your Mom,” I said. “Sometimes, I think women don’t understand our needs at all.”

“Heh, yeah,” my son replied. He looked nervous. We never talked openly about sex.

“The reason I’m down here isn’t that I couldn’t sleep,” I said, kicking my blanket onto the ground and grabbing hold of my ten-inch dick through the front of my pajamas. “Your mother didn’t want to fuck.”

“Dad…?” Wade said.

“What?” I asked. “Haven’t you ever messed around with any of your buddies? I used to do it all the time when I was your age.”

“Really?” he asked. “I’ve never… uh… well, a couple of times with Grant. And Mike too.”

Imagining my son getting relief from two of his closest friends was getting me even hotter. I didn’t know what he was going to be open to, but we were heading down the right path. I pulled my cock free from my briefs and began stroking it as I slid them off along with my pajama bottoms. I may not have been a wrestler, but I was in great shape and felt comfortable showing off my hairy body to my potentially curious son.

“Everyone’s in bed, son,” I said. “How about you and I do each other a big favor?”

“But isn’t that… incest?” Wade asked.

The naivety in his voice caused a droplet of precum to peek from the head of my cock. I squeezed harder and then scooped the semen from my dick, delivering it to my mouth. I cleaned my finger slowly and let it trace across my lips, all for the benefit of my boy. Wade watched, mesmerized as the man who helped bring him in the world transformed from father to cum pig.

“Son, we both need this,” I said. “Bring your cock to Daddy.”

Stepping from the recliner, Wade dropped out of his shorts and revealed his own ten inches of cock to me. He appeared to be nervous. My cock was pulsating in my hand, with more precum dripping from the head as my boy inched closer. He stood above my head with his thick meat inches from my face. I brought my hand to his calf and moved it slowly up his leg. My handsome son was all muscle without a bit of fat on his chiseled body.

I lifted my head and took Wade’s cock in my mouth, swallowing most of it in my first gulp. It had been a while since I’d done this, but all the techniques I had used before meeting my wife began rushing back to me. With my left hand clasping my son’s ass, I ran my sticky right hand up to his rippled stomach to his massive pecs. Wade’s body was magnificent.

“Oooohhh… oooohhh… Dad…” my son called out.

“Come on, son,” I said, pulling off of his cock. “Don’t be gentle. Fuck my mouth harder!”

Wade climbed over my head and started pumping his dick into my face with more aggression. I gave him an “mmm-hmm” to show my approval as I fought like hell to not gag on his imposing tool. He grabbed my hair hard as he screwed my face. My son was no longer opposed to the idea of being intimate with his father. My hands moved back to his ass, where I slowly inserted one index finger at a time.

“Dad… oh fuck… nobody’s sucked my cock like this… aaaahhh… nobody,” Wade gasped. “Mmmm… you thinking of fucking me too?”

I leaned my head back far to release his cock again and asked, “What do you think?”

“I think I might be walking funny tomorrow,” he said.

After sucking Wade off for a little longer, I pulled away and told him to stay put as I dashed to the kitchen. I uncapped the olive oil and poured a few drops onto my throbbing cock before returning to my son. Since I didn’t need to talk him into what was about to happen, I pushed him over the couch armrest, grabbed him by the hips, and pushed my cock forward.

“Oh… oooohhhh fuck!” Wade shouted.

My hand clasped around my son’s mouth. I didn’t go to all this trouble to have our fun disrupted by a light sleeper. My son moaned into the palm of my hand as I dialed up my pace, fucking him with everything I had.

“Come on… you wanted this as bad as I did,” I growled into his ear. “Back down on it… all the way, son. Back all the way down on Daddy’s fat cock!”

How could two decades have passed since I’ve done fucked another man? Banging Wade ignited a spark that wasn’t going to be extinguished anytime soon. If my wife wasn’t down to fuck regularly, I could find men who would. Starting with my son. I began imagining the kind of fun I could have around town once this virus was behind us. And the fun I’d be having with my son in the meantime!

“Fuck me, Dad!” Wade said, moving his face from my palm. “Oh yeah… ride me… fucking ride me!” Lucky for me, my boy was enjoying this as much as me. “Cum in me, Dad… yeah… blow that fucking load! Ungh… then we can switch off!”

I tried not to stop when he suggested I sit on his shaft. I wanted to make sure I heard him right, but I was confident I did. It was only fair that I comply. I didn’t want to run the risk of my son denying me his incredibly tight sphincter again.

“Yeah? You want to damage my hole, son?” I said, drilling my cock into him.

“I want to make you wail!” Wade replied.

Listening to my son be so casual in his filthiness was what I needed to catapult me over the edge. I grabbed the back to the couch to keep from falling upon Wade as my cock exploded inside him. My shivering body dripped with sweat as I emptied my juices into my sexy son.

“I think that means it’s your turn, Dad,” Wade said, turning his head back to make out with me.

I rode on my son’s lap, doggy style, and then from below his gorgeous body. His energy was boundless, and he seemed to want to go on forever. After he came the first time, he barely slowed down before he was fucking me again. And by the third time, I almost passed out before I admitted I needed a break.

“This was a great idea,” Wade said once he could see I had gotten my bearings back. “You want to take another ride?” he asked, showing his ass off on the couch. My cum dripped down his inner thigh, bringing my cock back to life.

After hearing the couch make a cracking noise, we moved to the floor and fucked until the sun was shining into the family room. We took a quick shower together, where we flip-flopped one last time before I cleaned up our mess, and Wade went to his bedroom to sleep.

I think this quarantine was going to work out just fine for me.

Thanks to every one on Twitter for giving me some excellent titles for this Quickrotica! Here are the others I had to choose from:

quaranTEEN (I got this one twice!)

Locked In and Loaded

Fucking Hot

No Social Distancing from Dad

Bond Time

Between Us

Self IsolaSon

Flattening My Boy’s Curve

Dad’s Vaccine

Hidden Away from the World… and Mom

Incest Violation

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