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Lust, Simon: The Story Continues

Of my 2019 books, I can tell you now that Lust, Simon has been my most successful. When I originally dreamt up the idea of a taboo-erotica parody of the similarly named 2018 film, I had no idea if it would be embraced. However, once I was halfway through with the book, I started receiving tweets and messages from folks telling me how excited they were for the book. That was both exciting and daunting. The feedback to date has been positive, which makes my heart happy.

So you might think that a series of three follow-ups would be some sort of quick cash grab. I’ll say no. I mean, my goal is to sell books, but I wouldn’t slap a title on a book and think that was enough to get readers to purchase it. As always, I want to take you into a hot and sexy world of unbelievably steamy sex!

While I was writing Lust, Simon, I really wanted a scene between Simon and his friend Rick because I knew it could be hot. There was a deleted scene in the movie where the two go to a gay bar, and I thought about writing a similar chapter. But as I worked through my first draft of the book, it didn’t fit. Then I envisioned a threeway between Simon, Brock, and Rick, but I scrapped that too because it would have stretched out the book when the story was really over. Then I thought, “Just do a follow-up. I know I’ve got more sex scenes to tell for this character. Plus, it’ll be hot to see what kind of sexual shenanigans Simon and Brock would get into as a couple.”

Once I envisioned a continuation, then a few more ideas for follow-up stories began to sprout. Here’s what you can expect from my Lust, Simon series:

Simon & Brock: This is a direct follow-up series of vignettes that follow Simon and Brock as they explore their new relationship. These two young men are sluts to the extreme, so if you were hoping for a monogamous pairing, you might be disappointed. The book will also feature the return of Simon’s sex-starved brother Lee. It will also introduce Brock’s jocular brothers, Kent and Len, and their father, Ellis. If this sounds like a setup for some cum-dripping taboo scenes, you may be onto something. If you recall from Lust, Simon, Simon indicated that he only had sex with his father one more time. That’ll be featured in this story, and I’m trying to dream up something memorable. Keep your fingers crossed.

Lust Simon: Daddy Tales: So, I wrote myself into a corner when I insisted that Simon only gets fucked by his father on two occasions. Here’s the reason: I love the relationship between Simon and his mother. I didn’t like the idea of Simon carrying on a non-stop sexual relationship with his dad because it didn’t seem like something he would do to his mother. Is that dumb? Well, it’s just how my brain works. However, I want to write more filthy sex scenes between Simon and his dad. The idea behind Lust, Simon: Daddy Tales is that Simon keeps a journal of fantasies about his father. This will allow me to write four or five stories about your favorite teenage slut having wild sex with his hot as hell father.

Untitled John Spears Book: Lust, Simon alludes to the following a few times: John Spears was a cockhound at some point in his life. We’ll go back to his college days and professional football career to explore what he was like before he started a family. Did he mess around with Simon’s grandpa? How close was he to Coach Evans? Was Simon the first son he ever slept with? We’ll explore it all (and then some).

That’s about it for my Lust, Simon stories. I’m about twenty percent finished with Simon & Brock, which should be out no later than January. The rest will be out sporadically throughout 2020.

Hmmm… what if we jump ahead twenty years to tell a story about how Simon’s son comes out to him?

Okay, no. I’m done. I think.

2 Responses

  • Mike
    Mar 31, 2020

    I absolutely love your taboo stories, they really hit the spot. God, John Spears is a dream.

    Mike Mar 31, 2020
    • johnvaljeanauthor
      Apr 1, 2020

      Thank you so much! John Spears will return!

      johnvaljeanauthor Apr 1, 2020

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