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Flashback Review: Brother to Brother

Okay, there will be a point I run out of Chi Chi LaRue videos to discuss, but I do have one in mind that takes us all the way back to 1996: Brother to Brother. Now, you’re used to me gushing over Ms. LaRue’s work and how she masterfully handles the incest scenes in her taboo videos, but I won’t be doing that here.

Well, not exactly. You see, the final scene featuring Derek and Shane Thomas (settle down, they’re not real brothers), is kind of a dud. It breaks a couple of cardinal rules of hot incest-themed scenes. First, while it’s the first time we’re seeing the two young men together in the movie, we already know the characters have been having sex for some time. The best incest videos feature characters who are 1) either doing it for the first time or  2) there’s some sense of danger to their being together. This doesn’t have any of that. The next crime is that the brothers don’t get into character the way you want them to. They don’t say anything like, “Fuck me, big brother,” or “you’re so tight, little brother.”

Yet, it’s the third scene in the movie that is surprisingly one of my all-time go-to moments in the video. Does it feature an act of incest? Sorta, kinda. The plot revolves around the Thomas brothers coming to stay with their Uncle Drew Andrews. About 41 minutes in, the uncle stands outside his guest bedroom in the middle of the night and watches his nephews sleeping together, on top of the blankets and in their tight briefs. He looks around, making sure he doesn’t get caught (by who, I do not know, because it seems like it’s established that his boyfriend doesn’t live with him).

Andrews and LaRue handle the scene magnificently, a great performer and a great director doing everything to make this scene sizzle with excitement. Again, Andrews looks over his shoulder throughout to bring a sense of danger as he wanks his long shaft. He’s still scrumptious by today’s standards, with a svelte frame and medium-sized pecs; he also looks the part of a young uncle.

LaRue keeps the camera moving on Andrews, shooting from right below his cock as it pokes through his straight guy boxers. Andrews pumps his hips like he’s really fucking someone while he jacks off to his slumbering nephews. When Derek turns onto his back, Andrews steps back and stops beating his dick, fearful that he’s about to get caught (wouldn’t it be great if he did?). Once he realizes he’s safe, he defiantly pushes his boxers down and brings himself to completion.

The whole video features guys eating their own cum, something that still feels too rare for my taste. When Andrews blows his load, he does so in his hand, letting very little drop onto the ground. You can see him trying to figure out what to do and then looks around to make sure nobody sees him. He gets a slightly sinister smile on his face as his hands move up slowly before he begins sucking down every drop of his own thick spunk.

It’s easy to take these things for granted when we’re watching porn, but it’s this subtle acting and the choreography in this performance that makes the scene so damn hot. Watching Andrews lick each finger clean is incredibly sensual; he looks like his mother was letting him finish off a bowl of frosting and he’s not going to allow a drop of it go to waste. It’s a ten-minute worthwhile interlude, sandwiched in the middle of four sex scenes.

Two other scenarios, featuring two of hottest tops of the period, Logan Reed and Daryl Brock, make this video worth multiple watches. All but the final scene feature plenty of self-cum-eating; that’s right, the brothers don’t eat their own cum, which you are expecting to happen after it occurs in all of the prior scenes!

Nonetheless, LaRue and Andrews have created something special in their short but memorable hallway scene.

Grade B

Movie: Brother to Brother

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Release Date: 1996

Studio Name: All Worlds Video

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