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Quickrotica: Summer Nights

It was another hot summer night, and I just couldn’t get comfortable on my bed. I tossed and turned in my sleep, waking up drenched from the scorching July temperatures. When the heat was this awful, I usually slept in the nude with my door open. I didn’t think it would be an issue because, now that I was eighteen, my parents often left me to myself. My room was at the end of the hall, so it wasn’t as though anybody would pass by unless they were specifically coming to see me.

And that’s where my story begins.

On one unusually warm night, I heard someone outside my bedroom door as I was shifting in bed. I snapped out of my unconscious state and sat up. “Hello?” I called out, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. It was a little after one o’clock in the morning. I stepped onto the floor and walked into the empty hallway, feeling a moist puddle beneath my feet. I knelt down and felt the warm substance with my fingertips as I brought it to my nose.


I may have had a lot to learn in life at my age, but this was something of which I had become an expert. I had been noticing small crunchy patches on the carpet near my doorway for the last month, but I hadn’t given it a lot of thought. I figured I must have dropped a drink or something and was just glad Mom hadn’t ridden me about it.

Had my dad been watching me sleep in the nude for weeks and jacked off to the site of my body in the moonlight? I mean, it wasn’t my mom or my kid sister, so it had to be him. Dad. Ogling his muscular son’s thick, jacked frame every night and beating off to the sight before him. He was always commenting on how big I was getting after I returned from the gym, but I never thought there was anything sexual about it. Come to think of it, he‘s been a lot more touchy-feely lately. In a way he hadn’t been when I was growing up.

I considered myself bisexual, something I hadn’t discussed with anybody outside of a couple of guys I’ve sucked off while clubbing with friends. I wasn’t sure what Dad wanted. Did he just like getting off by checking out my naked body, or did he have sights on something beyond that? And was I really contemplating getting my cherry popped by the man who helped bring me into this world?

That night, I got out of my clothes like I always do when I got ready for bed, but this time my boner would not go down. I turned the lights out, but I didn’t fall asleep. I waited until I heard my parents’ bedroom door open and close before I flipped onto my back to hold my nine-inches in my fist. With my eyes closed, I started stroking myself slowly.

I could hear him breathing heavily as he watched me. Then there was the sound of him spitting into his palm, using it to lube his cock while he watched his boy stroke himself. I shifted slowly as though I was sleeping, making sure Dad could see every ample muscle flex under the moonlight shining through my window. My left hand slid across my abs, up to my rounded pecs until I finally called out to him in the darkness of my bedroom.

“Ohhhhh… Daaaaaad…” I muttered, still pretending to be asleep.

“Yeah, Son,” he said under his breath. “Daddy needs you.”

He must have been enjoying himself so much more than a typical night, where I was just an inanimate mass of muscle. Tonight he was getting a full-blown show. It was time to dial it up though because this father and son were hard for the same thing, and it didn’t seem like my old man was going to be making the first move. I reached over quickly and turned my bedroom light on so he could see every inch of his boy with cock in hand.

“I’m so fucking hard, Daddy,” I said. “And I need to feel you inside me.”

This time he didn’t race away. I was sure he wouldn’t. Instead, he came into my bedroom wearing only a pair of tight briefs that struggled to hold his fat dick inside. He locked the door, pulled the underwear off, and moved onto my bed. He’d been waiting for this for a long time, that was for sure.

“I’ve never been able to say no to you,” Dad said.

Dad reached for my cock, taking hold of it and jacking me off while leaning forward to kiss his son on the lips. I reciprocated, opening my mouth wide to allow our tongues to spar while he worked my cock. He lowered himself, pressing his hairy muscular frame against mine as we started rolling around on my bed, racing to discover each other’s fit bodies.

“Fuck you turn me on,” Dad said, pushing his hardened dick against mine. “Mmmmm… you like that?”

“Hell yeah,” I answered.

Both of our cocks were leaking precum while we made out. Dad pulled away and gave me a mischievous smile before turning his body all the way around, so my cock was pointed at his face, and his mine. We looked at each other for a moment before Dad gave me a nod as if to say, “Go ahead.”

Though the temperatures had gone down the last few days, this was gearing up to be the hottest night of the summer. I worked Dad’s nine inches down to the base, something I learned I had a gift for doing. Even with his lips wrapped around my fat dick, I could hear him moaning as our cocks bobbed their way into each other’s mouths.

Again we flipped around so that I was on top, fucking Dad’s face from above while he expertly swallowed my cock. It took all of my focus to work Dad’s massive tool, but he was going down on me like having a ten-inch rod stuffed in his throat was commonplace. It must have been. Is that why he disappeared to most Sundays, returning disheveled and smelling of beer? He never got more specific than “Oh, just another rowdy day with the guys.”

A finger entered my asshole, wriggling around to loosen me up. It was my time, and Dad was going to be the one who deflowered me. I don’t know who was breathing harder as our cocks continued pumping into each other’s mouths. A shudder of anticipation came across my entire body from the knowledge that my father would soon be inside me, leaking the seed that brought me life.

“I think you’re ready,” he whispered after he finished banging me with three fingers.

“Oooohhh yeahhh,” I begged. “I need your cock, daddy!”

Maybe because I’m an athlete and he figured I could take it, or perhaps he was just a cruel son of a bitch, but Dad didn’t start off gentle at all. In fact, there was nothing about the way he fucked that would have been described as gentle. He lay back flat on the bed with me, impaled on his cock, bucking into me aggressively.

“You gotta learn, boy,” Dad growled. “Ungh… gotta learn how to take a man’s cock!”

The man who taught me the importance of honesty when he made me return a toy car that I’d taken from my best friend when I was six was now instructing me how to take my first cock. Our relationship made an unexpected turn. For me, at least. I don’t know what Dad’s plan was. Is that why he left so much cum on the floor outside of my bedroom? Did he want me to find it so things could play out exactly as they were tonight?

Dad stood over my body, with me leaning my weight on my shoulders as he fucked me from above. I grabbed my cock and beat it while he plowed me, the bed squeaking crazily underneath us. I wondered what the hell we would say if we were to wake my sister or mother?

“Stroke that cock, boy,” Dad said, dipping his fat dick inside of me.

I wanted to hold out longer, but my balls had something else in mind. Watching Dad fucking me from above, with all of his muscles flexing while droplets of sweat raced down his body, was too much to bear. I bit my lip, hoping to hold off the torrent in my groin.

“Open your mouth, boy,” Dad commanded. “Blow that fucking load down your throat!”

Doing as he ordered, I let my tongue out just in time for it be covered with my salty, warm cum. It wouldn’t stop. I’d never climaxed like this before; it was as though every inch of my body was vibrating with pleasure while Dad fucked my virgin hole. I just kept milking myself until there was nothing let in my aching tool. As I maintained eye contact with my father, I wiped any of the cum that hit my chin and chest and forced my sopping fingers into my mouth.

“Fuck, my boy is dirty,” Dad growled. “Just like his Daddy. Mmmm… fucking… Christ!”

Pulling his cock from my asshole, Dad hurried down to my face and leaned over me, stuffing his dick in my mouth, letting his spunk shoot into my throat. He gasped for air, clutching a clump of my hair so hard it felt like he would pull it off my skull. He cried out, totally losing control of his volume during the entirety of a lengthy climax. He finally fell upon the bed, sounding like a man who just sprinted a football field. It was a good thing too. I felt like I was about to choke from the amount of seed that was shot inside my throat.

“Jesus, kid,” Dad said, slapping me on my thigh. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Me either,” I replied, not sure what else to say.

Dad moved back on top of me and kissed me, lapping up any cum I might have missed. “I want to stay with you tonight,” he said. “And tomorrow night. And I want to introduce you to the other fathers and their boys on Sundays. How does that sound?”

“Like my ass is going to get a workout,” I replied.

“Don’t worry about that,” Dad smiled. “There are plenty of versatile daddies who would love to take a ride on this cock,” he said, grabbing hold of my shaft, which was already hard again. He moved on top of my lap, aimed the head of my dick to his asshole, and started to sit on it. “Your daddy included.”

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