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Coming Soon: Crisis Across Time (Update #3)

Crisis Across Time is humming along nicely. As I mentioned in my last post about the book, reworking the plot was an excellent idea because it prevents the story from becoming monotonous (in this author’s humble opinion).

Writing super-powered sex offers the ability to take the raunch to a different place because I’m allowed to dream up stuff that doesn’t exist or isn’t possible, which has been fun to do. For example, the Toymaker, an inventor who makes killing machines out of toys, uses a silly string kind of foam that travels around your body to fondle your erogenous zones. A half-human/half-android named Bionic John gets upgraded with new features to enhance sex, which he uses with a street vigilante and former teammate, Night Flyer.

This has been interesting to work on because it’s writing significantly more characters than I’m used to at one time. The piece that I found most challenging was trying to determine how much I ought to describe the characters, their powers, and their backstories. I actually pulled the Crisis on Infinite Earths novelization off my shelf for a little guidance on how author Marv Wolfman dealt with a room full of super-powered characters and how far he felt he needed to go to develop a clear picture of each character (especially the minor ones). My biggest fear is bringing the story to a grinding halt with exposition that ultimately doesn’t serve the story.

I’m toying with the idea of adding an index at the end of the book to list the characters as well, whether they’re used or simply named. This wouldn’t be to replace proper explanations of the characters as they’re introduced in the story; it would simply be supplemental to the book. Still kicking that one around.

All right, gang, more information to come as I put this bad boy together!


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  • Demetrius
    Jul 1, 2019

    Love the idea and I can’t wait to buy and read!!😍

    Demetrius Jul 1, 2019

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