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Coming Soon: Crisis Across Time (Update #2)

I didn’t get a Father’s Day book out this week; however, there’s a hot new Quickrotica available on my blog called The Father’s Day Gift, which I hope makes up for it!

If you recall from my last blog entry, I formerly unveiled plans for my new superhero erotic tale, Crisis Across Time. I worked through a plot, but it was feeling a little too much by the numbers. My favorite comic book stories have wrench after wrench thrown into the characters’ plans, so the reader eventually asks, “Jeez, how the hell are they going to get out of this?!?” I think I got where I needed with the plot last night.

Today I laid out the plot into fifteen chapters, and then dropped in sex scenes into each of them (minus the penultimate one). Expect plenty of gay, super-powered sex from the heroes in between the action. And since they have powers and abilities far above those of mortal men, expect these guys to use them in the bedroom! And there are a few costumed characters without powers thrown into the mix, but these fellas are perfectly adept at holding their own in the presence of gods.

I have plenty more that I’ll be sharing about the development of Crisis Across Time over the next few weeks, including the artwork for the cover as soon as I receive it.

Stay Tuned!

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