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Quickrotica: The Father’s Day Gift

“Happy Father’s Day,” Paul Kramer said from the doorway of his parents’ bedroom.

“Thank you, Son,” replied Daniel Kramer, who could not hide that he was uncomfortable with his teenage boy peeking into his bedroom. The father quickly glanced at the master bedroom’s restroom door, which was shut closed.

“Is Mom…” Paul began to ask.

“She just got into the tub,” Daniel replied. “She woke up with a migraine.”

The corner of Paul’s mouth curled up into a smile, but the eighteen-year-old scratched his nose to attempt hiding it from his father, who lay in bed wearing only a pair of shorts that fit snugly on the man’s thick legs. For Paul, his father was the perfect physical specimen: tall, dirty blonde hair, a full beard, and a muscular physique with hair in all the right places.

“Dad, I wanted to give you your gift,” Paul said, moving onto the end of the bed. The teenager took Daniel’s feet in his hands and began rubbing them sensually. “Are you ready for it, Daddy?”

The father and son shared a long moment of silence. Paul, who was only wearing a pair of trunks, took one hand off his father’s foot and started rubbing his crotch. Daniel exhaled through his nose, shaking his head weakly as though he was trying to muster the strength to push his son away,

“Son, I made a mistake,” Daniel said. “It was just a brief moment of weakness. I… I love your mother. And I love you. Just, not in the way I think you want.”


In the months since Paul came out of the closet to his family, there was an uneasiness between the teenager and his father. Paul was aware that Daniel didn’t have a problem with gay people; it was something else about the man’s demeanor. What that was had finally occurred to Paul when he was working out in the garage a week ago and saw his father staring at him out of the corner of his eye. Paul didn’t react initially because he wanted to see how long his father would watch him. After ten minutes, Paul finally stopped and interrupted Daniel’s staring session.

“Dad?” Paul said. “What’s up?”

“Oh… nothing,” Daniel said. “I just, uh, came in to check in on you.”

That was the moment it clicked for Paul. His father was attracted to him. He was as sure of that as he was anything else in his life. The teenager wanted to make sure his father knew the feeling was mutual, but he was going to need to be sly about it.

Later that evening, after his mother went to bed, Paul was watching television with Daniel. For thirty minutes, the teenager shifted on the couch until he was pressed up against his father, eventually putting his arm around the man’s shoulder. Daniel was clearly nervous, and even more so when Paul would give his arm the occasional squeeze.

Deciding to go a little further, Paul nuzzled his face against his father’s neck, planting small kisses upon it. Daniel surprised his boy by reaching over to place his hand on Paul’s crotch. The teenager moved his hand on top of his father’s and pushed it against his swollen dick, grinding it into Daniel’s palm.

“I need you,” Paul whispered.

Like a switch turned on, Paul spun toward his boy and pushed him down upon the couch to make out with him. Their cocks pressed together, aching to be released from their confines so they could receive the attention they desired. Paul savored the taste of his father in his mouth, and the feeling of the man’s thick beard pressed against his soft skin.

For ten minutes, the father and son ravaged each other on the couch, knocking pillows off as their hands explored one another’s heaving bodies. Precum leaked into Paul’s briefs, which were now exposed after pulling his jeans down around his hips. The teenager reached down to unfasten his father’s belt buckle and said, “I need your cock inside me.”

“I… this is wrong…” Daniel said, stopping and jumping from the couch as though he’d come out of a trance. “God, this is wrong. Son, I’m going to bed. Sorry… I… I’m sorry.”


“I think you like me the way I like you, Dad,” Paul said, giving his father’s foot another squeeze.

“Son, your mother’s in the bathroom,” Daniel whispered.

“Which means we have plenty of time for us,” Paul replied. The teenager crawled over his father, pulled the front of the man’s boxers open, and took Daniel’s cock into his hand.

With no pushback from Daniel, Paul wrapped his lips around his father’s ten-inch cock, going down on it all of the way to the base. The teenager had been practicing on a sex toy to make sure, when the time eventually came, that he would be able to properly service the man who he was attracted to above all others.

“Mmmm… Paul,” Daniel whispered. “Suck it… yeah. Fucking suck your daddy’s cock.” The father took the back of the teenager’s head to hold it in place, and then aggressively pumped his cock into his boy’s mouth. “Yeah, work it… get it all in there, son. Daddy needs it slick if he’s going to fuck you.”

Hearing his father speak to him this way had the teenager’s cock leaking precum onto his parents’ comforter. Paul looked up at Daniel, pulling the dick out of his mouth and letting it slide against his face. The tip of his tongue wiggled down the side of the massive tool until the teenager got to the head, suckling on it. Daniel squirmed on top of his bed, enjoying his son’s teasing.

“Get the fuck up here,” Daniel said, leaning forward to pull his son to him. The father scooted up in bed so that he was in a seated position. Paul situated himself over the man’s slickened rod and moved down upon it slowly. “This is what you wanted, boy,” Daniel growled, forcing his boy down upon the shaft. “There you go… mmmm… so fucking tight.”

While Sheryl Kramer nursed her splitting headache in the master bathroom, her husband and youngest son rocked their bodies together in an animalistic show of their lustful attraction for each other. Paul didn’t want to hurt his mother, but he found it impossible to resist his father, and now it appeared that Daniel was in the same boat. The teenager didn’t care if he was going to be sent back to his bedroom after they were done, with the knowledge that it would never happen again. As long as he got to experience his father’s touch once, he would be satisfied.

At least that’s what he told himself.

“Fuck, Daddy,” Paul grunted, “you feel… ungh… so good inside… ungh…”

Daniel pulled his boy forward to kiss him on the mouth, deeply and hungrily, like he was starving for a proper lay. Paul intended to give it to the man. The teenager felt as though he was going to be propelled against the ceiling if his father fucked him any harder.

“Is this what you wanted?” Daniel asked, pumping his son’s ass with stunning speed. “Tell me, boy. Did you want your daddy to fuck you like this?”

“Fuck yeah, Daddy!” Paul answered. “Fuck me harder!”

Turning his son onto his stomach, Daniel got off the bed to stand on the side and bang his son. The teenager was faced toward the bathroom door, where he knew his mother would receive the surprise of her life if she were to open it. Paul imagined that his father was enjoying the danger of what they were doing as much as he did. The young man prayed his mother wouldn’t be changing the sheets today, as he was spilling his precum across them.

“Ride it, boy,” Daniel snarled, moving his body on top of his son. “Ride your fucking daddy’s pole!”

For thirty minutes, the son and his handsome father, moved around the bedroom, their bodies slapping together with no apparent anxiety that they might be discovered at any moment. Daniel wanted this to go on for hours, and he grew confident that his father was interested in savoring his gift for longer than Sheryl would remain in the tub.

“Oh… fuck… I’m gonna cum,” Daniel said, pulling his cock from his boy and moving him to a kneeling position on the ground. “I want to see my load on your face!”

Jacking his crimson shaft toward his son’s head, it only took a couple of strokes before the man’s warm seed was traveling down the young man’s forehead, cheeks, and chin. Daniel basked in the feeling of beads of cum moving down his body, coating him in his father’s DNA.

Lifting his son to his feet, Daniel knelt down and started sucking Paul off. “Feed me, boy,” Paul ordered the teenager.

“Honey?” Sheryl called from the restroom, startling the lovers.

“You need something, baby?” Daniel asked, holding onto his son’s hard cock and stroking it slowly.

“Mmmmm… just five more minutes,” she replied. “Then we can go to breakfast with the boys.”

“Whatever,” the husband said under his breath.

Daniel resumed his blowjob and was quickly treated to his son’s significant load, letting it all disappear down his throat.

“I’d better—“ Paul started.

“Yeah, grab your stuff before we get caught,” Daniel said, finally sounding concerned about that very thing.

The two got back into their clothes, and Paul sprinted toward the door. Daniel grabbed the teenager by the arm and pulled him in for one final kiss, licking the cum from his son’s lips.

“That was amazing,” Daniel said.

“Happy Father’s Day,” Paul replied.

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