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Quickrotica: The Initiation

Tom Ramsey was miserable. After six months with his boyfriend, Lewis, the teenager was dumped the day after his eighteenth birthday, not being given any more reason than, “I’m just not feeling it.” While Tom knew that the two young men didn’t have much in common outside of being openly gay males, it hurt to be rejected by his first love. After a week of moping around the house, Tom’s father, Bill, asked the teenager if he wanted to go camping for the three-day weekend.

“But, Dad, I’m already miserable,” Tom deadpanned.

“Come on, Son,” Bill suggested. “Your uncle is bringing his boys, and Chet and Kyle are flying down to come with us too. I know camping isn’t your thing, but it might be good for you to unplug for a few days and hang out with the boys. Bring a couple of books if you’re worried about being bored.”

“Okay,” Tom said. “But can we please leave first thing Sunday morning if I’m having a terrible time?”

“Not a problem,” Bill said.

Chet and Kyle were Tom’s older brothers, and both of them were married with new families of their own. The brothers were doctors, working for the same hospital in San Francisco, so it was a treat to get to see them at all since they both kept hectic schedules. Tom has had a crush on his handsome Uncle Brian, a college football coach with twin sons, Bradley and Cole, who were also graduating from high school this year. Even though Tom didn’t consider himself an outdoorsman, he knew it would be fun to spend a few days with this group.

The brothers laughed and caught up during the trip to the family cabin, which had all of the comforts of home, except the cell service was terrible. A few hours after arriving, Tom left his phone on his bed since checking it for any social media updates was fruitless. When the teenager came downstairs, he could hear his uncle’s car pulling up out front.

“Are you going to wipe that mopey look off your face for Uncle Brian, or is the plan to depress everybody this weekend?” Chet asked.

“What… oh… jeez, sorry,” Tom replied, forcing a smile for his brother. “Is that better?”

“Sadly, yes,” Chet laughed.

“Come on, Son,” Bill said. “Try to have a good time.”

The teenager’s attitude turned around when his uncle and the twins entered the family cabin. It’s been over a year since he saw Uncle Brian and his family, but the twins bloomed in the best way. It turned out that both of the brothers were on the high school wrestling team, and their bodies were covered thick with muscle. Tom’s Uncle was a year younger than Bill, but the guy looked like there were ten years between them. He definitely didn’t look as though he could have two eighteen-year-old sons, Tom thought.

It didn’t take long for the cabin to be filled with joy as the men drank, ate, and laughed, working together to prepare a dinner fit for lumberjacks. Uncle Brian pulled a pipe out of his shirt pocket and lit up, filling the air with the bitter stench of pot. Bill walked up to this brother, took a couple of hits, and passed the pipe to Kyle. The instrument made it’s way around the room until it finally got to Tom.

“You don’t have to try it if you don’t want, Son,” Bill said.

“You’ve never smoked pot?” Bradley and Cole said in unison.

“I have a few times,” Tom said. “But I thought it was still something I was supposed to hide from my dad.”

The men got high and drunker as the night rolled on, stationed on the couches and chairs in the family room and sharing stories. Tom sat on the loveseat with his uncle and checked the time at ten o’clock, realizing that he hadn’t thought about Lewis for three hours. His longest stretch without thinking about his ex before this was approximately fifteen minutes.

“That’s the face that’s been greeting me for the last week when I’ve gotten home from work,” Bill said, causing everyone to look in Tom’s direction.

“What?” Tom said, looking around. “Oh, sorry.”

“What do you think, Bill?” Brian asked his brother.

“He’s an adult,” Bill replied. “Turned eighteen last weekend.”

Tom looked around the room, and everyone seemed to understand what his father and uncle were talking about. “What’s going on?” Tom asked.

“Come over here, kid,” Uncle Brian said, grabbing his nephew by the arm and pulling Tom toward him. “Watch and learn, boys,” he said to the twins. “Ripe for the picking, aren’t you?” Uncle Brian said, pushing the teenager onto his back on the couch.

“Wait…” Tom began struggling beneath his uncle’s massive frame, but it was no use. Brian Ramsey was a powerhouse and wasn’t about to be moved. Tom looked toward his father, and then at both of his brothers, who were all watching what was happening like it was a performance. Their hands were on their crotches, kneading them like dough. Uncle Brian went in for a kiss, but Tom still struggled; he finally relented and gave in to his father’s brother.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Uncle Brian asked, grinding his cock against his nephew’s. “Hmmm? Don’t you like me?”

“It’s just… just…” Tom looked around again, this time finding his family members beginning to undress, throwing their clothes to the floor and revealing their firm, muscled bodies.

“Son, you’ve been too young to come on our special trips in the past,” Bill said. “We brought the twins up a few months ago, after their eighteenth birthday. Now we’ve got something special planned for you.”

Before this evening, Tom and Lewis had only sucked each other off a handful of times. The plan was to wait for Prom to seal the deal finally, but that idea was obviously derailed. As what was happening began to swirl around in Tom’s head, the teenager realized he was about to have his cherry popped by a group of experienced men, and his cock responded accordingly.

“I think he’s sold on the idea,” Uncle Brian said, holding Tom’s boner.

The men all worked to pull the teenager’s clothes off until he was bare-naked in the middle of the room. Their breathing was heavy, and the looks in their eyes were identical: these men were hungry for sex, and they were about to take it.

“Lesson number one, boy,” Uncle Brian said, pushing Tom to his knees, where he was circled by the men; all of them had impressive cocks, swollen and ready to be attended.

No questions needed to be asked, and none were. Tom worked on his father’s cock first, struggling to make his way down the ten-inch beast. His uncle guided the teenager through it. The man was a hell of a coach. Once Bill got the sense his son could work his cock, he grabbed his boy’s head and ramped up the speed with which he thrust into Tom’s mouth.

“Take it, Son,” Bill growled. “Go down on your daddy’s cock! Swallow the whole fucking thing!”

The coaching from Uncle Brian got more nuanced once the man was having his rod handled. The football coach instructed the teenager to shift his tongue more actively, letting it swivel around as much of the cock as possible while Tom sucked it. And teasing. Teasing the head with the tip of his tongue, all the way down to the balls was extremely important to anyone who wants to be a quality cocksucker, according to Uncle Brian.

“Shit,” Chet said. “He’s getting better right before our eyes!”

“Don’t tire him out, Uncle Brian!” Kyle added.

On the teenager went around the circle, blowing his brothers’ fat cocks and showing them his newfound talents, and then moving onto the twins. At their request, he alternated with them while they made out. By the time he got back to his father, the man had acknowledged that the teenager took good notes.

“Fucking suck it, boy,” Bill growled. “He’s a natural, boys. Just like his big brothers.”

“Let’s see if he likes cum as much!” Kyle hollered, spraying his load against his younger brother’s face.

Crouching down more, Tom instinctively opened his mouth to let the men begin shooting their cum into his mouth, enabling much of it to travel down his novice throat. The teenager jacked off while salty, globs of spunk hit him in the face; he was totally invested in what the men were doing with him and could only imagine what they had planned next.

It turned out Bradley and Cole were enormous cum pigs, as the twins got in front of their cousin and greedily consumed any of the semen that trailed down Tom’s young frame. Uncle Brian lifted his nephew up and leaned him over the side of the couch, opening his legs for what the teenager imagined was the next lesson.

“Look at the beautiful, smooth ass,” Brian said. “This must have been a hell of a thing to resist, Bill. Who’s first?”

It was Tom’s father who dove in first, sinking his tongue into his boy’s hole immediately and causing Tom to writhe in ecstasy on the couch. His brother’s laughed as they jacked off to the sight of their little brother yelping as he enjoyed his first rimjob. There was nothing like this, Tom thought. The sensation of a man’s tongue, twisting and wriggling inside his anus as though it was trying to make its way to his stomach. There was no stopping the precum from leaking out of the head of his cock.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” Tom said in a daze, as he turned to his father with his ass pushing up toward Bill’s face. “I need it so bad. Please fuck me.”

There was nothing but a grunt in response as Bill’s animalistic side took full control and he buried his cock inside his teenage son. There was no gentleness or timidity in his father’s style. Bill was starved for sex and treated his son’s cherry hole as though it were experienced in being plunged by a thick, aggressive tool.

As loud as Tom was, he never told his father to stop. He didn’t want to. He knew the discomfort would be curbed soon enough. Plus, the feeling of having his gorgeous father’s muscled frame pressing against his more than made up for any aching he might be going through as Bill’s rod invaded his tender hole.

“I think your boy loves cock,” Uncle Brian announced. “Look at how he’s taken to it!”

It was a good thing too. The men sat around with their long, thick rods in hand, all waiting for a shot at Tom’s fresh hole. He didn’t hate the attention either. From lap to lap, the young man was fucked by his family members, making out with them as they fucked; that was something that felt more intimate than being screwed, especially when it came to his brothers.

Each of the men put the teenager in a different position, fucking him from above, fucking him on his side, fucking him against the wall, and so on. Tom thanked the quality of his performance to his yoga instructor because he put much of his skill to use that night as his family had him contorting like a rag doll while they banged him.

During that first round, the twins insisted on spitfiring the teenager, fucking him from both ends wildly and forcing him to pull from many of his recently acquired abilities at once. But he would have done anything for these two hunks, who seemed to love fucking guys. But there was something about them that Tom noticed: they both appeared to be really into each other. Tom hoped to be able to watch them fuck at some point during the weekend.

On and on it went, and late into the night. The men didn’t give Tom a break, but eventually, they started pairing off into different groups while the teenager was bobbing from one lap to the next. Not only did Tom get to see Bradley and Cole flip-flop on each other, but while Bill fucked his teenage son, Tom watched Chet fuck Kyle.

The weekend was one long orgy, with the men fucking, sucking, and cumming their way through the hours that passed much too quickly for Tom. The teenager didn’t ask to leave early on Sunday, as his father had he agreed if the weekend was boring. Bill didn’t bother to check in with his son on the matter, because Tom made it clear that he was savoring the attention he received on what turned out to be his initiation into carnal, sensual sex with his sexy family members.

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