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Coming Soon: Crisis Across Time

Welcome back! I’m working on a couple of books right now, one of which I am planning to have ready by Father’s Day (yes, it’s Daddy-centric). But I wanted to share a little bit with you about another book I’m working on.

Since I was a kid, which was quite a long time ago, I have read comic books and gone to comic book movies. Before nerd culture was as cool and sexy as it is today, I got lost for hours and hours in the world of comic books. I would re-read them over and over, to the point that I can still quote things I haven’t picked up in more than three decades.

When I first started plotting out the books I wanted to write when I began getting serious about writing smut, I knew I wanted to do a comic book-inspired work. Well, here we are. I’m hard at work on a book titled Crisis Across Time, inspired by the classic DC Comics stories that included the word Crisis in the title (e.g., Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, and countless Justice League of America stories from the sixties through the eighties).

In a nutshell, the supervillain team, the Union of Evil, go back in time to stop three of the greatest superheroes on Earth from ever existing. With the heroes gone and the timeline changed, the villains of Earth overpower the remaining heroes. When the Unity Guard learn what the villains have done, a race across history begins to set the timeline right!

Even with the weight of a fractured timeline on their shoulders, the heroes find plenty of occasions for raunchy, carnal sex with other heroes, villains, or whoever the hell is nearby! If you’re intrigued by the idea of superheroes having super sex, then hold on tight, because Crisis Across Time is coming this summer! And you know what? I’m sure you will be too!

I’m currently working with an artist for the cover artwork because I wanted this book to have one that felt representative of the story. We’re in the early stages now, but I’ll be sharing it with you as soon as I can. I’m giddy with excitement for this whole project! I’ve had a difficult time thinking about much else over the last week!

Okay, hopefully, that whets your appetite. As we get closer to having the book completed, I’ll set a publication date and share it with you!

Hold onto your hats!

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