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Quickrotica: Thanks for Giving

If you follow my Twitter, then you know I’m kicking around an idea about doing a book in the same vein as those pocket-size magazines that featured pornographic letters from “real people” that were popular through the nineties (like the one pictured above). I would call my book something like Stiff: Real Letters From Real Men, and it would contain twenty to twenty-five stories. To try my hand at this writing style, I wrote the following, though it reads like something you might have found in Handjobs. Nevertheless, I think you’re going to like what I’ve cooked up. I call it

Thanks for Giving

Dear Stiff,

I never thought I would be writing a letter like this, but I felt compelled after returning from my parents’ home for the Thanksgiving holiday. My wife and I brought the kids on the red-eye, so we didn’t get much sleep by the time the festivities took place. I knocked out in the guestroom after dinner and woke up around one in the morning, wide-awake with a raging hard-on. Since I figured everybody was asleep, I thought I’d go choke one out in the restroom down the hall and maybe grab a bite to eat.

A familiar sound was coming from my younger brother Todd’s bedroom and, not thinking much about it, I took a look-see. Through a small crack in the door, I saw my twenty-two-year-old brother being fucked by my sister’s husband, Charles. I didn’t know either of them swung that way, and I couldn’t believe they were brazen enough to do something like this with everyone else in the house. Even more surprising was my reaction: I pulled my shorts down and started stroking my cock while I watched the two men fuck.

Todd was trim, with a slender athletic frame, while Charles was thick with muscles; he was the type who looked as though he picked up his mail at the gym. Like most guys, I experimented with men in college every now and again, but it’s been years since I had touched another man. Watching my brother and brother-in-law go at it, I was starting to wonder why. Charles sure looked as though he knew what he was doing, rattling my brother’s bed like he was trying to take the legs off.

“Steve?” my brother called out. “Stop… wait…” Todd said to Charles. “Steve?”

“Sorry, little brother,” I said, stepping into his bedroom and closing the door behind me. I locked it, positive that another person walking by would probably not be as understanding as I was. “I heard something and…”

“You liked what you saw,” Charles stated authoritatively. “It’s okay. I think your little brother could use a break. Interested?”

I exchanged a quick glimpse with Todd, who gave me a nod of approval. I don’t know what had gotten into me, but I was ready to get fucked in front of my little brother. I got onto the bed and Charles dove between my legs to eat my ass out like he was digging for buried treasure. The guy’s tongue felt like it was a foot long, and I covered my mouth to try to conceal my moaning, but I’d never felt anything like it.

“Steve,” Todd whispered. “You’re going to have to be quiet!”

“I need to loosen him up,” Charles announced. “Todd… isn’t there something you can stick in his mouth?”

Again, my brother and I looked into each other’s eyes, filled with lust and the knowledge that this was just three men wanting to get their rocks off. Todd got to his knees next to my head and then pressed his cock against my lips, letting it sink down past my tongue. The sensual musk of a man was something I didn’t realize I missed until my kid brother’s ten-inch shaft was stabbing me in the throat.

I writhed on the bed, fighting to stay in place while my brother-in-law drove his tongue inside of my long dormant hole. Todd kept both of his hands planted on the side of my head to make sure his rod didn’t slip out of my mouth. In a matter of minutes, I was dying to have my asshole filled with cock. And I’d have begged for it too, but my lips were fastened to a hefty tool.

Charles didn’t need for me to ask him though, as he positioned his dick to my asshole and lifted my legs over his broad shoulders. It had been a long time since I had done anything like this, but my brother-in-law must have had a solid ten inches of cock inserted in my rectum. He fucked me like this was something I did every night, bouncing against my body with all his weight and grasping my ankles.

While our family slept throughout my parents’ house, the three of us screwed like rabid beasts, out of control and with boundless energy. Todd leaned his entire body over my face to get a better angle at my mouth, fucking it animatedly. While it was alarming to hear my brother spewing obscenities as he wrecked my throat, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t turning me on.

We changed positions a few times before Charles brought me on top of his lap to finish me off. My brother-in-law held me close to his furry, muscled frame and gave it to me hard. Todd stood up on his bed and got his cock between our faces so we could suck his dick while our bodies bounced together.

“I’m gonna cum, big brother,” Todd cried, sending streams of spunk upon my face and Charles’. We lapped it up as my brother-in-law busted his nut inside me, continuing his prodding until he was emptied. The three of us fell onto the bed, and I hoped they were as exhilarated as I was.

Stepping off the edge of the mattress, I started to put my shorts back on when Todd asked, “Where are you going? We were just getting started.”

“Really?” I asked, looking at the clock. It was almost a quarter to two in the morning. “I guess I could stay a little longer. What did you have in mind, little brother?”

A few minutes later, I was on my hands and knees on the floor with my kid brother’s dick buried inside me while I polished Charles’ cock. We went on like this until the sun was peaking through the window. We figured we would have to stop finally so Charles and I could return to our slumbering wives. Our long night meant we would be tired as hell, but I wasn’t about to complain.

I caught about two more hours of sleep before getting out of bed to find my family around the table, having breakfast and enjoying each other’s company. It looked like nobody suspected a thing.

“I figured you’d be ready,” my dad said.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Charles and Todd said you three were going to go up to the lake for some fishing today,” Dad answered. “You’d better go grab your pole!”

“Yeah, I will,” I replied. “Honey,” I added, looking at my wife, “We might not be back until morning.”

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  • daddy bear
    May 29, 2019

    Excellent, a little more graphic depiction of the intimacy would make it more strokable.

    daddy bear May 29, 2019

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