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Flashback Review: Brothers and Other Fantasies

I know, I know. Another Chi Chi LaRue video. Well, guess what? I had forgotten the prolific director was behind this week’s video when I decided to write about, and I was too darn lazy to select something else. So let’s proceed, shall we?

With Brothers and Other Fantasies, the fourth and final scene centers around two brothers (Vince and Matt Banero). Vince, thinking he’s home alone, is masturbating in bed and playing with his foreskin, while his twink brother Matt watches on and jacks off to the lovely sight. Vince is one of those lesser-known actors from this period who was extremely hot and had a smolderingly sensual gaze. Watching him play with his dick, in a variety of hot angles, is a satisfying warm up to the hot action sequence to follow.

When Vince catches Matt spying on him with his dick in hand, he invites his little brother to suck his shaft down to the balls. Vince and Matt spend the scene with fresh and exciting dialogue that doesn’t grow stale and maintains the fantasy that these two young men are brothers. Where Matt can be somewhat wooden in his delivery, Vince is there to act his role to pieces.

LaRue’s incest-themed videos tend to have active dialogue, but here it is paired with a performer who is wholly invested in his role. Watch the scene where Matt first gets on the bed and Vince is looking into the boy’s eyes. It’s deeply seductive. And then the action starts and things only escalate from there. The entire time, Vince is talking his brother through it, and the dialogue is scorching:

“Don’t tell anybody you sucked your big brother’s cock.

“You want to suck my dick like my girlfriend does, huh? Do you ever watch me and my girlfriend fuck?”

“If Dad asks what you were doing with me, just tell him I was helping you with some homework.”

Then we get Vince talking his little brother into taking his first cock. It’s made hotter because Matt is apprehensive about going through with the act. First he says, “Vince, I don’t know about this,” as he hovers over his big brother’s shaft. Then he says, “No, I can’t do this!” when Vince first puts his cock inside the young man. Once they get started, Matt is bouncing on big brother’s rod, but his face is as pained as you would expect it to be.

The screwing could have lasted a little longer for my taste, but for what we get, it doesn’t get much hotter. The Banderos kill it with their non-stop dialogue, and they appear to be having a great time together. And, yes, they both have the same last stage name, something was more common with taboo videos like this from the mid to late nineties.

Grade A-

Movie: Brothers and Other Fantasies

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Release Date: 1999

Studio Name: All Worlds Video

*I’ve revived the blog.

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