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Coming Soon: The Heartthrob

I’m currently at work on my latest short story, tentatively titled The Heartthrob, centering around a television wunderkind who is, like so many celebrities, stuck in the closet.

Jack Brewster is the twenty-year-old star of television’s hottest teen drama, Phoenix Ridge, and his popularity is skyrocketing. But the press is hot on his heels, continually digging into his love life. Is he dating anybody? How come he can’t be linked to any starlets? Though his handlers beg him to keep his private life private, Jack begins to question whether he has it in himself.

When pushed into a corner, Jack lets the press believe he’s romantically tied to Jordan Finch, his female costar and one of his closest friends. The actress is upset that Jack would put her in an uncomfortable situation and a crack forms between the two.

Jack finds himself navigating through indiscriminate sex with his castmates and other celebrities as he attempts to repair his friendship.

The book will be free to Amazon Prime users. The publication date for the title is tentative as it is going to available under another publisher’s new banner. More to come!

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