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Quickrotica: Moving the Mattress

After moving the final few things out of my apartment last night, my brother Flynn and I got to my place early the following morning to throw out the last couple of items and toss my mattress. I was finally taking the leap and moving in with my fiancée Sara.

“That’s it, right?” asked Flynn as the sun was just beginning to come up.

“Yep,” I answered. I looked around to make sure and then nodded my head.

“Cool, then I can take one of these,” Flynn said, holding up a prescription bottle with bright blue pills. “My buddy Dan gave them to me. He said they’re like some sort of super Viagra. They make fucking incredibly intense.”

There was no hiding my shocked expression.

“Oh, fuck off,” Flynn said. “When you and Sara are married for five years, you’ll see how it is. Marcy and I have a great sex life. Sometimes it just needs a, you know, jump-start. Anyway, I figured if I took it now, it should kick in by the time I get home. She’s in for the fuck of her life!”

“Well, shit,” I said. “Can I have one? I wouldn’t mind turning into a fuck-machine for Sara! We can christen our new place.”

Flynn and I both took a pill then threw the last of my stuff into the dumpster behind my building before we started to move the mattress against the wall. I was starting to tingle all over my body. Was that pill already working? I felt almost dazed, but I just kept looking down. I didn’t want Flynn to see how much it was affecting me. I could feel my cock ready to burst out the front of my jeans.

“Fuck… holy fuck…” said Flynn.

My brother dropped his end of the bed onto the ground. I looked up to find Flynn rubbing his cock through his pants. Something was different about him. First, he looked like he wanted to fuck. But it wasn’t just that. My brother was so goddamned hot. I’ve never been attracted to another guy, but I was aroused in a way that was unfamiliar to me. I could tell Flynn felt the same way. He stepped over the mattress and pulled me close.

“Fuck,” he said before he planted a forceful kiss on my lips. “That pill…” We continued making out as we pulled each other’s pants open and started stroking our cocks. “Yeah… get your hand around it… fuckin’ take my fat cock, little brother!”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I jacked off Flynn while he started working mine. We made out and then looked down, transfixed by our two ten-inch cocks bobbing against each other. Flynn pulled my pants to my knees. He spat on his fingers then moved his hand to my tight sphincter and began to finger fuck me. Sara and I have shared in a little assplay here and there, but Flynn’s fingers were significantly larger than hers.

“Mmmmm… you taste so good,” Flynn said after he pulled away from my mouth. “But I need to fuck that pretty little hole of yours.”

I’ve never been fucked, but I wasn’t in the least afraid of where my brother was going to be shoving his thick fuck stick. We pulled out pants down to our ankles and fell upon my mattress. I don’t think either of us gave a shit about getting caught on this early Saturday morning. Flynn pushed the tip of his cock against my hole and then jammed it inside of me hard. I could feel my eyes roll back. It felt like I just got socked hard in the stomach. Flynn showed no hesitation. He started fucking my virgin hole as though I’d taken a thousand cocks before this!

“Brent… oh shit, little brother,” Flynn grunted. “Never… fuck… had something so fuckin’… tight!”

After the initial rough plunges, I started getting into it. I found myself actively bottoming for my brother, bobbing up and down on his thick rod. It was amazing how quickly the two of us seemed to find our sexual chemistry. It was like we’d been fucking each other for years, and we’d perfected it.

“Yeah… go all the way in… F-Flynn… fuck me… ungh… go all the way… yeah… push that thick cock… ungh… inside me!”

Flynn’s balls slapped against my ass like thunder as I jerked back and forth on his cock. My whole body felt like it was on fire. My cock thumped against my brother’s chiseled stomach with every thrust. I didn’t want this to end, but just as that thought crossed my mind—


I could feel my brother’s cum shooting inside my asshole. Flynn grabbed me tight and started pounding my ass even more intensely until every ounce of seed was released from his nuts. He pulled his cock out, and I fell forward to devour his face. Flynn reached around to my asshole, leaking with his jizz, and wiped some up to feed me. I cleaned his fingers off, staring at my brother the whole time. I could feel my cock becoming hard again. Flynn’s dick was flopping against my ass, and also rock solid.

“Come on,” said Flynn, slapping my ass. “Get your pants on.” We both got dressed quickly, and we carried my mattress back up to my apartment. “How much longer do you have this place?”

“End of the weekend,” I said.

Flynn and I spent the rest of the day taking turns fucking and sucking each other to the point we practically collapsed from exhaustion. When we finally stopped, the apartment reeked of sex. It was as though we simultaneously awoke from a trance when we heard our phones buzzing.

“Shit,” Flynn said. “I’ve gotten a thousand texts from Marcy.”

I checked my phone. “Same here.”

We both called our significant others, standing there in the nude and covered in flakes of cum.

“Sorry, Babe,” Flynn said. “Yeah. I know. Sorry. Ummmm… I’m not sure what time I’ll be home.” Flynn was looking back at me holding two more pills in his hand. I nodded in approval. “I think Brent and I may just chill at his place for the night.”

Sara wasn’t as cool when I told her that I was going to hang with my brother. I didn’t give a shit though. I was pretty sure we weren’t going to be together much longer.

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