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Flashback Review: Bad Boys Get Spanked

If you follow my retro review posts, you’re going to learn something pretty quickly: Chi Chi LaRue directs amazing incest scenes. The prolific director has made several videos revolving around the kink since she started directing back in 1988, and they are quite easily some of the best of the sub-genre.

In Bad Boys Get Spanked, a spanking-themed movie (duh), the incest scene is the second in the video and comes about forty-eight minutes in. A guidance counselor (Drake Jaden) has scheduled a meeting between a father and son (Brock Armstrong and Drake Jaden, respectively) because the son has been a disruptive twit on campus by showing up late for class, bullying, and stealing from lockers. Something tells me that this was initially intended as a high school scenario and someone put the kibosh on that; thus, the setting is a university. Jaden suggests a form of corporal punishment and Armstrong agrees, sending Sterling over the counselor’s knee for a spanking as the father watches on and holds his hard cock through his khakis.

Armstrong owns the scene as the father who observes the abuse before joining in. He swats his son with a ruler, rubbing it against the tent forming in his pants before falling to the ground to eat his son out. The smacking sounds of Armstrong hungrily devouring Sterling’s ass while stroking the boy’s cock are thoroughly arousing. The tension in the scene all comes from perfectly timed close-ups of Armstrong, who looks on lustfully during Sterling’s belting.

Things escalate as the father makes the son suck the counselor off while Daddy watches. Again, we’re treated to sultry reactions from Armstrong, who looks like he’s just deciding when to jump in. Sterling is believable as well as the teenager who wants no part of what Jaden has in mind (at least until Armstrong feasts on his hole). The banter between the counselor and the father (“It’s okay to be a little naughty sometimes,” says Jaden) also keeps the scene hot.

Not being able to fight it any longer, Armstrong joins in and pulls his dick out for his boy:

“Fuck, Dad, I had no idea you were that big,” says the son.

“Come on, Son,” says the father. “Make Daddy proud! Suck, Daddy’s cock!”

All of the actors stay in character throughout the entirety of the scene, with more than enough dialogue to keep the viewers invested. There’s nothing worse in an incest video where the actors don’t have a solid script that helps support the story that is playing out.

After another quick paddling, Sterling finds himself getting fucked by Jaden while going down on Armstrong. “Fuck some respect into him,” barks the father as the counselor fucks his boy. The two switch off, and Armstrong bangs Sterling hard in the counselor’s chair while each of the performers shares in a filthy exchange. Again, when the dialogue isn’t right, or existent at all, then essentially we’re just watching a sex scene unfold.

Bad Boys Get Spanked is hot as hell and one of the most effective of its kind. The performers are all putting their hearts into their roles and fucking their brains out, which is what the audience craves in their incest-themed porn.

Grade: A

Movie: Bad Boys Get Spanked

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Release Date: 2011

Studio Name: All Worlds Video

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