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Coming this Week: Urge: My Hot New Stepbrothers

I’m hard at work on my second Amazon title today! The first one, Truth or Dare: Four Straight Jocks Go Gay!, received this user review from across the pond:

Fantastically hot book from start to finish. I loved so much of it that it’s hard to pin down a favourite part. I only wish there were more on kindle by this author so I could download more.

They’re about to get their wish! My next Amazon exclusive is coming this week: Urge: My Hot New Stepbrothers! The story follows twenty-year-old Marc Prescott, whose mother is marrying a man with two sons of his own. Once the blended family finds themselves under one roof, things start heating up!

Brodie and Slater Ellis, Marc’s brawny stepbrothers, each want a turn on their adorable new kid brother, and they’re not the types to be denied their urges. And while we’re at it, Marc’s new stepfather Chad might want a shot at the handsome young buck who’s just a few steps away from his bedroom.

If you’re looking for a story about an irresistible young stud being shown the ropes by his muscle-bound new steps, then I have a treat for you! Urge: My Hot New Stepbrothers is expected for release on Friday, May 24th!

Just in time to heat up your summer!

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