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Quickrotica: Prom Night Jitters

I was a nervous wreck.

With an hour before my girlfriend and our friends were supposed to arrive for the senior prom, my stomach was already doing cartwheels. There was so much pressure on this night, and my buddies were making it worse with their non-stop texts asking questions about how far I expected to go with Darcy tonight. She and I had reservations for the Mortimer Hotel, where the event was being held. While nothing had explicitly been decided about the evening, my girlfriend made it clear that she wanted me to take her virginity.

There was so much pressure. I’d been watching instructional videos non-stop because I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t a mess the first time we did it together. I put my phone on mute because my buddies Jack and Ryan were in the same boat with their girlfriends and their texts weren’t helping to calm me.

“William,” Dad called from outside my door. “Can we come in?”

“We?” I asked.

Dad stood in the doorway with my older brother, Rich. My father was an athletic man in his mid-forties with dark brown hair and a beard. He was a linebacker on his college football team, and he maintained the sturdy build. Rich was a senior in college and played on the lacrosse team. Though he had a slightly smaller frame than Dad, he was in stunning physical shape.

“Mom said you were a nervous wreck about tonight,” Dad said.

“Yeah,” I said. “Sort of.”

“There’s nothing to worry about, little bro,” Rich added. “What are you worried about?”

“Just… I don’t know,” I said. I wasn’t ready to admit that I had anxiety about having sex with my girlfriend.

Dad sat on my bed and put his hand on my leg. “Is it Darcy? Are you worried about being with her tonight?” I started blushing. “Son, it’s only natural. Too much pressure is put on you boys when it comes to your first time. It’s not a big deal. You just want to make sure you’re comfortable.”

With a slight nod to Rich from Dad, my brother closed the door and locked it. Something changed in my father’s eyes. His hand began to move up my leg until it was on my crotch. I looked toward Rich, and he was rubbing his dick through the front of his jeans.

“Dad?” I murmured.

“Son, Rich and I can help ease your nerves,” he said, taking a firmer grasp my cock. “So tonight isn’t such a big deal.”

Pulling my shorts down, Dad released my hardened nine-inch manhood. It was almost dreamlike watching everything play out, as my father wrapped his mouth around my shaft and went down on it like he’d done this kind of thing a thousand times before. I rustled around on the bed, shifting because the sensation of Dad’s tongue on my dick was exhilarating.

I looked to my right, and Rich was already out of his clothes and holding his ten-inch rod in his hand. The look on his expression told me everything I needed to know. He walked up to me and placed the head right in my face and set his hand on the top of my head.

“Go for it, little brother,” Rich said. “Suck your big brother’s cock!”

It wasn’t easy, but I put my lips around my brother’s dick and began sucking, trying to mimic what my father was doing to mine. Rich started grunting pretty quickly, which led me to believe I was doing a good job.

“Yeah, little brother,” Rich gasped. “Fucking suck it… yeah… goddamn, you’re a fast learner!”

Taking his mouth off my shaft, Dad stood up and pulled off his clothes. He got back on the bed and lifted my legs high, driving his tongue deep inside my asshole. I removed my lips from my brother’s tool, letting out a loud yelp of pleasure.

“Watch it, Will,” Dad said. “We don’t want your mother coming in here!”

Once I adjusted to the extreme pleasure of my asshole being drilled by my father’s tongue, I got back to going down on Rich. He grabbed my hair hard and resumed fucking my face, harder this time. From time to time, he would pull it out of my mouth and slap the enormous thing across my cheeks and lips, laughing devilishly.

“Come on, Dad,” Rich said. “He’s got to be ready by now!”

“I think you’re right,” Dad said, lifting his head from my hole. “Okay, Will, we’re going to need you to watch your voice.

Dad got to his knees on my bed and pointed his eleven-inch shaft at my asshole, pushing it inside and getting right to it. After I let out a shriek, Rich covered my mouth hard as Dad lifted my legs across his chest and began pounding me roughly. He was going so fast, ramming me with such enthusiasm, that I thought I might actually pass out.

The bed rocked loudly beneath us, and I was sure Mom would be coming around to see what the hell all the racket was. Rich removed his hand from my mouth after Dad waved it away. My father planted a kiss on my lips, letting his tongue explore mine eagerly as we fucked. I could taste my asshole on his mouth and felt my cock leaking precum as I became accustomed to the sensation of a massive rod inside my virgin hole.

“You like that, don’t you, boy?” Dad grunted. “Shit… Daddy’s gonna cum inside you!”

With his face tightened, Dad exploded and practically collapsed on top of me after he was finished. He kissed me more tenderly after he was done, still rocking his cock within my hole. He looked up toward Rich and gave him a nod.

My brother got on top of me and pushed his dick inside my cum-drenched hole. He was faster than Dad, placing his hands on my throat while he screwed me. Rich knew we were being too loud on the bed, so he lifted me in one swoop and pressed me against the wall of my bedroom to fuck me silly.

I leaned in and started making out with him. He tasted so good, and I loved the way his cock felt inside of me. I didn’t want this to stop, but I caught the clock out of the corner of my eye and knew we would have to finish. From my brother’s face, he was getting close to climaxing.

“Ungh… ungh… fuckin’ take my load!” Rich growled. He pumped the rest of his cum inside me before looking at my father and saying, “Do we really have to let him go tonight?”

“I’m afraid so,” Dad said. “Now put him down so he can give us his treat.”

Dad and Rich got on the ground in front of me, taking turns on my dick until I was ready to orgasm. I jacked my shaft in front of their faces, shooting thick streams of semen across their open mouths, which they hungrily lapped up. Dad pulled me down so I could share in my salty juices.

As quickly as they entered, Dad and Rich left to let me shower and get into my monkey suit. I came down twenty minutes later to find Darcy and my friends waiting for me in the living room with my mother, Dad, and Rich. We took a million pictures before we were ready to leave and my family each gave me a big, comforting hug.

“Make sure to wake me up when you get home,” Rich whispered in my ear. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Needless to say, I was finally calm when we left the house.

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