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Flashback Review: Born 2 B Bad

When it came to incest-themed videos, there was a lot of anxiety involved in what would eventually appear on our television screens when we got to the all-important final scene; the one where the related characters got down to it. Would the performers act like they were related? Would there be proper build up to make us feel like we’re watching two blood-related characters screwing? Would the sex between the family member character be hot?

In the case of Chi Chi LaRue’s Born 2 B Bad, it all worked! The story involves two brothers (Rod Barry and Bobby Williams) who are left alone for the weekend while their parents go out of town. Rod is on his college football team and invites his buddies over for a night of debauchery. I’ll get to the other scenes briefly, but the final one involves Williams, Barry and two of the football players (Kane O’Farrell and Cade Devlin).

O’Farrell and Devlin are planning to fool around with Williams (actual tomfoolery, not sex) when Barry catches them outside the teenager’s bedroom. The brother joins in on the action, and all three get on Williams’ bed and begin smacking him in the face with their hard cocks. It’s when Williams wakes up that things get heated!

“Rod,” Williams’ says innocently, coming out of his sleep.

“What’s up, little brother?” Barry replies. “Suck my cock. Open your mouth.”

And we’re off! The sex is hot right out of the gate thanks white-hot dialogue by Barry and O’Farrell. “Yeah, suck your brother’s cock,” O’Farrell adds, starting a filthy back and forth between the two men as they stuff their tools in Williams’ mouth. And during this, Williams is looking up to his brother for much of this, as if to say, “How am I doing?”

It’s the performances of the Williams and Barry that make this, without a doubt, one of the great incest scenes of all time (if that sounds like hyperbole, just watch it). They’re as vocal as possible with each other, and they fuck like two young men who are genuinely hot for each other. And enough can’t be said for O’Farrell, who reacts throughout the scene as though he’s actually watching two brothers suck and fuck. This might seem like a small thing, but it helps quite a great deal in developing the action.

LaRue is a master, taking a thirty-minute scene and giving the viewer what feels like a thousand different pairings and positions without it ever feeling like too much is going on. She also knows how to shoot an incest scene. It’s in the dialogue, it’s in specific close-ups; she understands how to establish that we’re watching an incest scenario unfold. O’Farrell fucks Williams and Devlin (who is a fine performer, he just doesn’t say much) and Barry and Williams flip flop, proving to be both aggressive tops and bottoms.

The video has three other scenes, which are mostly successful. The opener has Williams and his buddy (Pierre Fitch) giving up their video games for a little nastiness in the afternoon. Fitch is a solid performer for sure, but Williams kills it in the scene, begging to be fucked throughout before releasing his thick load across Fitch. O’Farrell and Devlin take a break from setting up the party and fuck on a couch. You’re going to want to look up O’Farrell after this. He didn’t do a ton of porn, but he was hot to watch. During the entire scene, Williams is watching the two from the glass door that leads to the porch, stroking himself and pressing his cock against the glass. The kid is even hot on his lonesome, spitting against the glass and letting his saliva roll down onto his shaft. The penultimate scene is kind of a dud and features a football player (Jason Adonis) and his coach (Joe Sport). The setup is hot, with Adonis taking Spanish Fly and needing to get off because his rod is aching. Sport is only too happy to assist. Now, Adonis is incredibly hot, and I can see the appeal, but he wasn’t an exciting performer. The scene is watchable mainly for the scenario, Adonis’ hot body, and the very sexy Sport. However, I’ll give it to Adonis, he may shoot the best load of the video!

If you’re into incest videos (and I think you may be), you’re going to want to hunt down Born 2 B Bad and keep it close for those lonely nights when you need some balls out, filthy familial action!

Grade: A

Movie: Born 2 B Bad (or Born To Be Bad)
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Release Date: 2004
Studio Name: Falcon Studios

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