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Coming This Week: Wicked Ways: Return to Briarwood

This weekend, I published my first Amazon title, Truth or Dare: Four Straight Jocks Go Gay! (more on that soon). This week will bring my first foray into bisexual erotica with Wicked Ways: Return to Briarwood.

When Monica Howard-Ways finds her new husband Tucker in bed with her mother shortly after returning from their honeymoon, she sends her spouse packing. Now with his entire life upturned, Tucker Ways returns to his family home, Briarwood, in Pasadena California. Planning to reconnect with his family and find where he lost his way, Tucker learns that going back to the way things were might not come as easily as he had hoped.

Let’s meet the Ways family: Landon is the patriarch of the Ways family, and his libido will make Tucker’s appear disciplined in comparison. Kylie is Landon’s wife, a woman who rarely lets an opportunity for a good time elude her. Gina is Tucker’s fun-loving sister, who desires to take advantage of having her handsome brother back under the same roof. Finally, Braxton Ways is Tucker’s teenage brother, a college freshman with a yearning to sample anything within reach. The Ways are not like every family, and Tucker is about to have his eyes opened!

Considering the Ways clan get their kicks from either sex, expect plenty of wild pairings as the family comes closer than ever after the return of Tucker to Briarwood!

NOTE: My new book, Truth or Dare: Four Straight Jocks Go Gay!has been loaded to Amazon and should be available for free to Amazon Prime users (otherwise the purchase price is $2.99). I will announce it as soon as it is published!

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