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Quickrotica: Wedding Day Blues

I was a nervous wreck. My wedding day was finally here, and I just wasn’t sure if this is what I even wanted. I loved Daisy and have from the day I first met her. But this “’til death do us part” business had turned me into a basket case. I was a horndog and only twenty-five. How was I was supposed to deny my cravings and remain monogamous for the rest of my life?

My brother Eddie, who was my Best Man, listened as I poured out every rational and irrational fear after we snuck away to a storage facility at the wedding venue. “Look, big brother,” he said. “Tommy was going through the same thing at his wedding, and I knew exactly how to calm him down.”

“Fuck, bro,” I said, suddenly feeling relieved. “What is it? I’ll do anything.”

He got down on his knees and pulled my cock from my slacks. It was already hard. I’d done it with a guy before, but I couldn’t push him away. I wouldn’t.

“Are we cool?” Eddie asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, watching my dick disappear into my brother’s mouth.

It was pretty unorthodox, but Eddie was right. I was already feeling the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d received such a fantastic blow job. Daisy had a million wonderful things I could list about her, but her ability to suck dick sure wasn’t one of them. She always claimed I was too big for her.

But Eddie didn’t have a problem taking my shaft at all! I fucked his face for a few minutes before I started feeling the tension building again. “How much do you really want to help me out, Eddie?” I asked.

He pulled his mouth off my cock. His lips were ruby red from working my fat manhood. He looked up at me and grinned, “Anything, big brother.”

With little prep, I sunk my cock into my brother and now I didn’t seem to have a care in the goddamned world! We moved some large cartons in front of us to obstruct the view of anybody who might pass by. At this point, however, all I really cared about was getting off!

“Yeah… fuck me, bro! Harder!!!” Eddie shouted.

“Shhhh… the wait staff is in the other room,” I whispered. “We don’t want anyone to hear us!”

That’s when Daisy found me behind the boxes. She couldn’t see Eddie or my engorged cock sliding in and out of his asshole. “I was so worried when your Dad said he didn’t know where you and Eddie were at,” Daisy laughed. “I was a little worried, to be honest. I was thinking I shouldn’t come to find you because of the whole bad luck thing. You know, seeing each other before the wedding. Isn’t that silly?”

“Ungh… uh… yeah… D-Daisy… I’ll be ready in a few… I… uh…” I muttered, unable to pull my cock from my brother’s tight hole.

Daisy went as white as her dress. She knew something was up. “Do you have a girl back there?!?” she screamed.

She pulled the boxes away and clearly wasn’t ready for what she saw. My fiancée ran off crying while my cock remained inside my brother. I’m not sure what possessed me, but suddenly I didn’t have a care in the world. Eddie moved his ass back against my throbbing rod, and we continued where we left off!

As twisted as it was, the whole time I was fucking my little brother, I was starting to realize that I had my entire life ahead of me! I could fuck other girls. I could fuck other guys. And I could definitely keep fucking my brother! I sat down on some boxes and pulled Eddie down onto my lap. He gasped as I plunged myself balls deep inside of him.

“Fuck, bro… oh yeah!” my brother roared. “Fuck me with your big dick!”

Once I was ready to cum, I pulled the little seducer off my fuck stick and set him in front of me to take a shot to the face! I stared down into his hungry eyes and open mouth. How long had this little shit wanted to do this? And why the hell did he wait until my wedding day?

“Feed it to me, big brother!” Eddie begged. “Feed me your cum!”

While I covered his face with my wad, Eddie shot his own across the floor. I wanted to taste it, but I wasn’t ready to lap it off the ground. So I just sampled some of my own spunk from my brother’s lips.

“We better head up to see Mom and Dad,” I said. “We’re going to need to start working on some alternative facts to explain what Daisy saw and why the wedding is off.”

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