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Flashback Review: Father Figure

Oh, the lighting in some of those old All Worlds Videos from the 90s! Today our phones take better videos. Well, unfortunately in porn, production values can sometimes still be a nice-to-have.

In the original Father Figure (there was a superior sequel), Stonie and his best friend, Jeremy Brooks, come to stay with Stonie’s dad, Sam Crockett. As with so many incest-themed porn videos, there were usually four scenes, and the last one got to the good stuff. The same holds true here. Some of these movies include intense scenes that hold up well on their own and build up to the final act, but many do not. Father Figure falls into the latter scenario.

But that’s okay because, with incest-themed videos, all we really want is one good, hot scene between relations and that’s what we mostly get. The set-up is this: Crockett is asleep in his bedroom and Brooks comes in for a taste of the man’s cock. Dad wakes up to find his dick in the young man’s mouth, and the action dials up.

Crockett was a secret weapon back in the 90s. He had a great body and was a very vocal performer, which is essential in an incest-themed film. As soon as Crockett is awakened, and he makes you feel as though he’s really just come out of his slumber, he’s giving Brooks plenty of orders and clearly not opposed to getting together with the young dude. Things take a turn when Stonie walks in on the two and calls his dad a fag.

A few words are exchanged, and soon Crockett has his hand on his son’s dick and says, “Is that what’s bothering you? Seeing your old man and your best friend together turns you on?” Then Crockett goes down on his boy, and things really get going. I think the scene would have played better if Stonie’s character was performed by more of a jock since the idea was that he had no idea he was gay.

The scene is hot mainly for the energy Crockett brings to it. Especially in incest-themed porn, you want the performers to use enough dialogue to make sure the viewer knows they’re watching family members going at it. You get plenty of this from Crockett (e.g., “Junior, fuck yeah, work it”), who genuinely sounds like he’s thrilled to be having sex with his own flesh and blood.

Unable to resist his boy, Crockett tops his son and is positively filthy about it. He’s fucking him hard and telling Stonie to “Bear down on Daddy’s dick!” While this might give some viewers the heebie-jeebies, guys who are into this kind of porn want to believe they’re watching family members screwing.

Where the scene doesn’t quite land is in its choreography. We get one placement with Stonie and one for Brooks; the climactic scene could have used a few more positions. Crockett also finishes with Brooks, and it probably would have worked better with Stonie being second. However, the father maintains his filthy dialogue with his son during the switch-off, and it is incredibly effective (“I’m pounding his pussy like I pounded your momma’s pussy!”). The scene remains memorable some twenty years later, thanks in large part to Crockett’s raunchy turn as the ultimate father figure.

Grade B

Movie: Father Figure
Director: Casey O’Brian & Peter O’Brian
Release Date: 1999
Studio Name: All Worlds Video, Channel 1 Releasing

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