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Coming this Week: Truth or Dare

Hey Friends,

My next book is inspired by one of my favorite pornos from the eighties. My buddies and I used to pass around a handful of our VHS tapes, and this one was in heavy rotation. So much so that we can still quote it some twenty-plus years after we first discovered the damn thing. It involves four straight college students who all share stories about a time they hooked up with a guy. When it gets to the last person, the scene turns into an orgy. While I’m borrowing liberally from the concept and structure, my scenes and characters are all original. I’ll be dialing up the action exponentially because the number of men I can throw into the mix is unlimited.

The story involves Brendon Lowe, who invites four of his college buddies to his dorm room to hang out on Friday night to enjoy beer and weed. As soon as the guys are loosened up, Brendon suggests they play a game of Truth or Dare. Not wanting to humiliate themselves, each of the guys picks truth. Brendon gets things started by asking Rick Travers about a time he had sex with another man. Rick explains that he sucked off a pair of cops to get out of a DUI, but things got out of hand. Dominic Brady is next and shares the time he got caught cheating on his girlfriend by her horny brothers. Football player Giles Foster admits he would have done anything to be taken off the bench, and his coach put the young man’s pledge to the test. When we finally return to Brendon, he forgoes truth and opts for dare.

His friends are down with dare.

The book is tentatively scheduled for release on Friday, April 26th!



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