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Good Morning Friends,

It took me about three months to get to the point where I was ready to finally share my website with you. Not because I’m technologically illiterate, but because… well, okay, I am a little technologically illiterate, but I can figure a fair amount by reading, watching YouTube videos, crying in a corner, then finally utilizing the HelpDesk. All told, it probably took seven or eight days for me to get the whole darn thing up.

So, you’re probably wondering what the heckfire I want to come from this website. Thanks for asking. My main goal is for people who enjoy my work to have a place to be plugged into me. After the disaster of Tumblr, and losing over 115K followers, I knew I needed a space of my own that couldn’t be threatened by a social media giant that, on a whim, could decide that they didn’t want people sharing naughty stories, pictures, and gifs.

I’m still doing some tweaks to the site, but it’s just about shareable.



P.S. Please sign up for the newsletter as this will be my most effective way to share new books, discuss what’s on the horizon, and send coupons!

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